Martial Arts and Philosophy

What does pursuing a passion, with all the blood and pain involved in doing that properly, add to our lives?

Complaining About Young Women

Today's young women are somehow obsessed with their own victimhood? Where do ideas like this come from?

Campus Rape Skepticism

Emily Yoffe's journalism about campus rape is an attempt to replace the expertise of those doing research. I can see this being appropriate in a blog post, which is about an author’s “journey," but where else is this type of usurping of attention to experts or actual research helpful?

Facebook and Happiness

Given results in social psychology, should we be very careful of using Facebook passively, lest we too succumb to a decline in affective well-being?

The Best Laid Schemes of Wives and Men

Our very own goals, such a being in a loving relationship, bring about some limits on our behavior.

When Can a 17-Year-Old Say No to Cancer Treatment?

In the case of a teenager who ran away from home to avoid chemotherapy, who was then taken into temporary custody by the state and still had to be restrained in order to undergo surgery, the Supreme Court of Connecticut has upheld an earlier decision made by the state's child welfare agency: the state may force cancer treatment on a minor.

Can a 17-Year-Old Refuse to Consent to Cancer Treatment?

A 17-year-old is attempting to refuse further chemotherapy and her arguments will be heard before the Supreme Court of Connecticut on Thursday. What reasons exist for denying teenagers the ability to consent to medical treatment?

Cooking and Depression

Cooking and baking are pursuits that fit a type of therapy known as behavioral activation.

Virtue and the Self

What if ancient advice fits nicely with modern accounts of the self?

How Not to Blame a Twelve-Year-Old for Being Shot by Police

Why would a journalist try to blame 12-year-old Tamir Rice for his death, when other children play with toy guns, too?

The Norman High School Rapes and Sexism

When defending a rapist, what kind of things get said?

Is It Easier to Do It Yourself?

What if, in our rush to take care of their every want and need, we are denying children the chance to lessen their interests in what they think they very much want or need. Most children outgrow temper tantrums. What role is played by those children being able to do a lot more for themselves, and moderate their cravings thereby?

Pleasure Seeking and Pain Avoidant Bio-Mechanisms

Even children find themselves disappointed by the pleasures they counted on. Their very simple pleasures. That what we adults find pleasurable is hard for us to reliably predict becomes stranger still when we reflect on the extent to which we are involved in determining what counts as a pleasure.

"Kicking the Bucket List"

The New Yorker's Rebecca Mead just published a punchy critique of the idea of a "bucket list." What is the strategy involved in bucket lists? Are they conducive to happiness?

What is our relationship to our self like?

Is there some way in which we relate to ourselves? How is it best described? Are we a friend to ourselves? Are we in control? Are we observers?

Foster Care as Punishment?

Who decides when foster care is appropriate? And who can we ask?

Working Mother Arrested for Letting 9-Year-Old Play

How many poor working mothers should we arrest? And for what reasons?

Police and Moral Authority

Another female jaywalker has been "taken down." Do police get asked enough what is ethical about their work?

Men Who Can't Imagine Rape: A Proposal for Fixing This

Men who doubt campus rape statistics must not believe young women. Would learning more about rapists change their minds?

Strip Searched for Jaywalking

Who wants someone else to suffer humiliation and life-long consequences for behavior they themselves have engaged in? How is this view at all ethical?

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Addiction

What we say about the death of a person from addiction still reveals more about us than about addiction itself.

Breaking Bad and Morality

Walter White is not much like Tony Soprano. Walt tries to negotiate with his victims, talking them into behavior they wouldn't otherwise consider. What type of morality tale were the writers of Breaking Bad providing?

The Zimmerman Verdict and White Privilege

“It is the social world of white normativity and white meaning making that creates the conditions under which black people are always already marked as different/deviant/dangerous.” George Yancy, Philosopher

Favorite food? "Everything."

Do we need to have a long list of likes in order to be interesting? Why cultivating preferences may not be the way to go.

Tony Soprano's Unhappiness

“I got the world by the balls and yet I can’t stop feeling that I am a loser.” Tony Soprano, “The Happy Wanderer”

RIP Tony Soprano

Seneca had done a masterful job of this with his depiction of Medea. His dialogue so compellingly displayed a mind at odds with itself that actors, unprompted, typically pace when reading Medea’s lines—wandering back and forth, representing, in motion, that the mind of a woman set upon revenge is reeling. But now we have Tony.

Whither Willpower?

Addiction is confusing to both the addict and the observer. What does it tell us about self-control?

Myths About Campus Rape

Research tells us that the vast majority of rapes are non-stranger rapes. Can research also correct the mistaken assumptions we have about non-stranger rape (or date rape)? Let's hope so.

Stay-at-Home Dads and Changing Notions of Gender

Does the smooth and small increase in the proportion of fathers staying home to watch children mean we can expect a slow and gradual change in our notion of gender roles?

Respecting Autism

"It's important to me that people I interact with respect my stimming and echolalia as purposeful, meaningful, and communicative—celebrating my differences."