What is Friendship?

Researchers tell us how important friendship is for our happiness and health. But what is friendship? Can the thought of Emerson highlight its complexities?

The Rise of the Gaming Life

Is the meaningfulness of gaming playing a role in its increasing popularity?

What Role Should Leisure Play in Our Lives? And What Counts?

If we do not reflect on the role of leisure in a life, how are we to regard an unprecedented rise in engagement in leisure activities among young men?

The Milgram Experiments and Colin Kaepernick

Is "trivializing human authority" something good people must do? A look back at those who resisted in Stanley Milgram's obedience experiments.

Unattended Children, Harm, and the Nature of Moral Judgment

New research explains why people are quick to condemn those who leave their children unattended.

Parental Alienation Syndrome: Calling Moms Nazis

Do Family Court Judges order children to spend time with high school graduates in hotel rooms, forced to watch Nazi videos, and then have their mothers called Nazis? Yes.

Greed and "The Big Short"

What can The Big Short tells us about markets and moral character?

The Strange Advocacy for “Parental Alienation Syndrome”

"Parental Alienation Syndrome" is tailor-made to dismiss harm done to children. Advocates for it will not count obvious harms as significant as they push their theory.

The Anti-Bullying Eye Emoji and Questions about Human Agency

What would it mean if the image of an eye was enough to get us to better our behavior?

The King Solomon Test Would Have Worked

We cannot let Judges send innocent children to juvenile detention because of a divorce. The welfare of children cannot be left in the hands of Judges actively hiding their reasoning and judgements from the public. Children deserve something from us. That their imprisonment be kept quiet is not something that benefits them.

What is the Role of a Judge?

Can a Judge be trusted to identify the inappropriateness of her own bias? What checks and balances are in place for unprincipled judges?

A Powerful Letter to Family Court Judges

I am Mother. I am the 58,000 women a year who have faced your courtroom bias. I am the protective parent fighting for my children. I am the activist affecting legislative change and educating others. And though you steal my voice with your gag order, know that where I am silenced thousands more speak in my place.

Is Being Courageous Really Self-Serving?

Will we believe that courage is explained by the benefits of a good reputation? Or does ethics still offer a better explanation?
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Why Do the Right Thing?

Why do the right thing, anyway?

Preaching Family Values while Paying for Ashley Madison

What if the people who give us advice on how to live are not the best guides? What if people who need to make some rule a very big deal in order to motivate themselves are the ones invested in doling out prudential advice?
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When Does "No Mean No" for Children in Family Court?

As has been widely reported, Judge Lisa Gorcyca told the children they were in “direct contempt” because “I ordered you to have a healthy relationship with your father.”

Unstructured Play and Children's Development

What does less-structured time in children's daily lives predict?

Killing Lions and Self-Respect

Philosopher Dave Schmidtz addresses the value of trees, lions and other animals in a way that can explain why we care so much about the killing of a lion.

Three Siblings Jailed by Family Court Judge

A Family Court Judge in Michigan forces three children into juvenile detention as punishment for not wanting to see their father. Do children have any rights?

What Happened to the King Solomon Test?

Michigan's Judge Lisa Gorcyca had a father's consent to placing his children in the extremely dangerous juvenile detention system over their summer break because they would not speak with him.

Bringing Down the Confederate Flag

Morality and its requirements explain how people are now thinking about the Confederate flag.

Professors Running Scared?

Some professors have always been afraid of their students, this pre-dates even women being in classrooms. But why are there so many complaints about this today?

The Puzzling Unhappiness of Braggarts

What can John Mayer tell us about happiness?
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Honest Sex Ed

What you would say, if you were very being honest, about the role of sex in a life?

Martial Arts and Philosophy

What does pursuing a passion, with all the blood and pain involved in doing that properly, add to our lives?

Complaining About Young Women

Today's young women are somehow obsessed with their own victimhood? Where do ideas like this come from?

Campus Rape Skepticism

Emily Yoffe's journalism about campus rape is an attempt to replace the expertise of those doing research. I can see this being appropriate in a blog post, which is about an author’s “journey," but where else is this type of usurping of attention to experts or actual research helpful?

Facebook and Happiness

Given results in social psychology, should we be very careful of using Facebook passively, lest we too succumb to a decline in affective well-being?

The Best Laid Schemes of Wives and Men

Our very own goals, such a being in a loving relationship, bring about some limits on our behavior.

When Can a 17-Year-Old Say No to Cancer Treatment?

In the case of a teenager who ran away from home to avoid chemotherapy, who was then taken into temporary custody by the state and still had to be restrained in order to undergo surgery, the Supreme Court of Connecticut has upheld an earlier decision made by the state's child welfare agency: the state may force cancer treatment on a minor.