Dispelling the Myths

Not everyone – in fact, not many – know how an Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit works.

And the Greatest of These Is Love

Drawing parallels between dependence and independence in the psychiatric ward and in high school.

Darkness and Devils

I spent Thursday of last week in Oxford, amid the dreaming spires and ancient colleges, where some of the brightest young people of this generation study and research.

Every Day Is a School Day

How I learned about the history of psychiatric medicine in the Islamic world.

An Outing for Cigarettes

Sometimes, working in the locked ward, one had to perform routine tasks that turned out to have the most spectacular results. Here's one example.

The Importance of Staff to the Ward

People sometimes ask me why I left the confines of the IPCU, the Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit, the ‘Locked Ward' of my book's title. The unvarnished truth is that I was experiencing ‘burnout'—utter exhaustion from working on the ward for seven and a half years.