The "Unspoken Problem" in Education

A child’s individual voice, needs and methodologies are not recognized as valid solely based on age.

Why K-16 is Not the Right Approach

American education is rooted in test scores, so how do we increase the efficiency of our current counseling system?

Finding Your Element

When you’re in your Element, your sense of time changes. If you’re doing something that you love, an hour can feel like five minutes; if you are doing something that you do not, five minutes can feel like an hour.

How the 'Pursuit of Happiness' Can Save Our Economy

Our economic fortunes will likely grow in direct proportion to the number of people who throw off their industrial-era shackles, figure out what they were meant to do, and bring their talents to the marketplace.

Opting Out of Standardized Tests

If there’s one thing that is absolutely clear to me, it’s that Governor Andrew Cuomo has ignored the voices of students, teachers, principals, and parents who have grave concerns about the evaluations. He is frankly telling millions of students and teachers that their value is no more than a number in a spreadsheet.

Some Disabilities Are Actually Quite Good For Society

It's time to shift our thinking about what constitutes a disability and what doesn't. Rather than change the definition of disability, we should revisit our idea of what’s important.

Students Need More Than Michelle Rhee's Education Reforms

As chancellor of D.C. public schools, Rhee created an environment that to put it mildly, was hostile towards hundreds of educators. In the search for innovative ways to reform public education, America's students need more than what Rhee is offering.

Five Extraordinary Things That Happened to Education in 2012

It’s been quite an incredible year in the education space. Let’s get over the fads and understand that learning is best done through doing, creating, and exploring.

Where American Education Went Wrong

We are desperately craving a learning renaissance where the old order of education is shattered and institutions adapt and reinvent or go extinct.

Fighting Back Against the Dumbing Down of America

A former New York Times editor is trying to upend the astonishing rise of ignorant Americans with her new startup, Kicker.