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Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in leadership. Great leaders set the tone.

Leadership Lessons from Serial Entrepreneur Eli Fathi

Lessons in leadership from MindBridge Analytics CEO Eli Fathi.

Reflections from the C-Suite: An Interview with Eli Fathi

Giving to others is not just good for you, it is also good for your business - An interview with serial tech entrepreneur/CEO Eli Fathi.

Why You Want to Be Stretched Outside Your Comfort Zone

While some of us may be concerned about stretching beyond our limits, research suggests that this practice can help us maximize our engagement and reach our potential.
Used with permission

Reflections from the C-Suite

Lessons in leadership from the CEO of one of the world's most recognized brands.

The Secret to a Billion Dollar Success Story

What are the secrets behind the world's first billion dollar open source company? Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst talks about the importance of openness and vulnerability.

Why We May Want to Go ‘Old School’ for Our Next Meeting

Although many assume that "smart" technology maximizes our productivity and performance, recent research suggests our learning and retention of information may be compromised.

The perils of our “on-call” work culture

It may surprise you that we are all "on-call" and it is taking a toll.
By Official White House Photo by Pete Souza [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Smart Leaders Know They Need to Put Their Phones Away

How smartphones can undermine the most important relationships of our lives.

Redefining Success in 2015: How Much Is Enough?

The desire for success is a universal phenomenon. Yet, many of us forget to ask ourselves some critical questions before embarking on this pursuit.

We Shouldn’t Be Scared to Death to Have ‘That’ Conversation

Leaders can often avoid difficult conversations by convincing ourselves that the other person cannot handle it or will be uncomfortable. However, our personal fears may be preventing us from realizing opportunities to discuss what matters most to the other person.

Why you need to be seen

A simple act of acknowledgement motivates us to continue, even when faced with boring tasks. If you ignore someone's work, it has the same impact as putting it in a shredder.

The 3 Keys to a Real Apology

Most people struggle when faced with conflict. Things become even more complicated when we are in the wrong. Recent research suggests that the delivery of an effective apology helps preserve and grow our relationships. This article discusses why apologies are so important and how we can better deliver them to the people we have offended.

Why We Benefit From Eating Humble Pie

Humility is a strength–have some!

Why You Should Believe in Luck

Do you feel lucky? How you may be the key to creating your own luck.

A Key to Success—With Interest

We are constantly looking for ways to maximize our success. Recent research suggests our level of interest may have a substantial impact, both in terms of our level of performance as well as its sustainability.

The Power of Civility

People often lament the prevalence of disrespectful behavior in our society. Although we may feel the problem is too big for individuals to tackle, recent research suggests two little words can have a tremendous positive impact on the people and communities around us.

Why a Picture Is Worth 1000 Words! Lessons for Goal-setting

Although we may feel writing down our goals is the key to their attainment, a picture may be the key to our success.

The Road to (Leadership) Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

Don't pave your own road to leadership hell. How good intentions may not have the impacts we desire.