When Working Shifts Works Against You

A discussion of Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Sleepless in the Summer

How to improve your sleep when the mercury rises

Sleep to Lower Body Fat

Find out what can impact two hormones in your body, thereby increasing body fat composition.

When Snoring Isn't Just a Nuisance

Warning signs and treatment of sleep apnea

The Mindful Way to Fall Asleep

Quiet the mental chatter and allow sleep to come easier.

10 Reasons You Can't Get a Good Night's Sleep

Set the stage for a good night's sleep, every night.

The Power of the Nap

Make the most of your day and build in a short nap.

Giving Insomnia the Attention it Deserves

Highlighting the importance of treating insomnia in the context of depression
How to Track Your Sleep

How to Track Your Sleep

Keep track of your sleep the proper way and you'll be on the right path to more restful nights.

Sleep Talking? What Does It Mean?

Sleep talking: Minor annoyance or part of a bigger issue?

The Lowdown on Over-the-Counter Sleep Aids

A discussion on the pros/cons of taking over-the-counter sleep aids.

Don't Drive Drowsy!

How to recognize the signs of drowsy driving and what you can do to combat it.

Changing From a Night Owl to a Lark

When being a Night Owl loses its appeal.
Sleep to Run

Sleep to Run

How better sleep can improve your running performance.

Will a New Bed Cure My Insomnia?

How to tell whether changes to your environment may or may not help you sleep better.

How Much Sleep Do Kids Really Need?

An extremely heated debate has just arisen in the field of pediatric sleep medicine—a field that is generally not very excitable. In this week's issue of Pediatrics, University of South Australia's Health and Use of Time Group reported that kids' nightly sleep time has reduced by three-quarters of a minute for each year they studied.

Should Pregnant Women Forget About a Good Night's Sleep?

In my practice, the majority of my patients are women. I'm often asked by patients (and friends!) why insomnia is more common in women. As a result, I'm going to dedicate my first few posts to sleep disorders common to women, discussing problems that can occur throughout her life. Today, we'll discuss what happens during pregnancy and what can be done to sleep better.