Use Scientific Methods to Detect Fake News

Both fake news and science became salient issues during last year’s presidential election. Understanding the principles of scientific methods can help detect false information.

The Factor That Administers Cognitive Control over Emotions

Some recent research on poor cognitive control and depression has overlooked four issues. This post suggests that it is cognitive understanding of reality that regulates emotions.

Impact of the I Ching on Carl G. Jung & its implications

Cross-cultural information and knowledge exchange, contacts, and influences have transformed the field of psychology. Taoist psychology is an inspiration for Jungian psychology.

What Leaders Can Gain From Ideas of Mental Health Counseling

Despite plenty of research about core characteristics of competent leadership, few realize how leadership can benefit from learning the rules of mental health counseling.

Use an Overlooked Psychological Literacy to Reach Your Goals

There is a consensus about the importance of promoting psychological literacy, but a fundamental yet overlooked aspect of the literacy remains to be examined.

Failing to Protect Sandra Bland

Many legal issues surrounding Ms. Sandra Bland’s arrest and death entail further investigations, including whether existed the illegal arrest and abuse of authority by the officer who stopped her for an alleged traffic violation and whether her death at a jail cell in Waller County, Texas was suicide or murder. One thing is certain that the jail authority violated the law.

Wrong Self-Appraisals Result from the Use of Wrong Criteria

Mental conflicts, including intrusive thoughts or emotions (e.g., rumination on trauma or other negative events, self-blame, shame, hopelessness, guilt, anger, or sadness) result from both unawareness that the self-schemas or appraisals are regulated by one’s pattern schemas, and the use of wrong or distorted pattern schemas for self-evaluations.

Clarify Three Misunderstandings about Acupuncture

In spite of increasing acceptance and varied use of acupuncture for treating pain and other ailments in the United States, there are still at least three misunderstandings about the practice and its mechanisms, which are typically found in some news reports about acupuncture (Sun, 2014a). Clarifying the misunderstandings also has implications for psychology.

How Reality Judgment Regulates Moral Judgment

The validity of moral values in guiding moral reasoning and actions is always based on the reality (true or false) judgment of the target issues.

Practicing Mind-Body Exercises to Prevent or Control Smoking

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United State and is also responsible for various diseases. Although raising taxes on tobacco products and limiting smoking in public places help reduce smoking, there is another simple and effective approach for preventing and controlling smoking.

Three Contributing Factors to the Shooting at Ft. Hood

The attempt to use mental illness or an “unknown motivation” to explain Spec. Ivan Lopez’s shooting rampage at Ft. Hood seems to have overlooked evidence about three joint contributing factors to the violence. To prevent similar tragedies in the future and to increase safety in organizational settings, it is necessary to understand these factors.

Most Sex Offenders Against Children Are Family Members

There has been extensive media coverage of the recent rescue of three kidnapped female victims in Cleveland, two of whom were teenagers when they were abducted. Although the event represents a tragic yet inspiring story with significant interest to the public, this type of sex offense does not epitomize the reality about sex crime against children.

Dorothy's Wisdom on the True Ingredient of Play

How to turn work into play? Although people have generated many replies to the question, I think the elucidation of Dorothy Dinnerstein on the issue is the most brilliant one.

Attribution of Violence to Mental Illness Is Based on Two False Beliefs

The recent mass killing in Seattle committed by Ian Stawicki has generated not only grief among the victims’ families and friends, and the community, but also people’s attempts to find some explanations for the crime.

A Simple Meditation Technique

People can practice a simple meditation technique known as the wisdom-lotus Qigong method to reach mental tranquility and clarity. I have practiced it for 15 years since I learned it from a Buddhist monk.

How Managerial Psychopaths Use Emotions to Manipulate Others

A persistent myth about psychopaths involves the belief that they are callous, emotional void criminals (particularly serial killers). The mass media (e.g., television shows, films, and books) often reinforces this inaccurate image.