Witnesses' Religious Expression

Should one person's religious views trump the jury's ability to evaluate witnesses fully?

Noncitizen Jurors

What do immigration reform and jury reform have in common?

Sequestration Pros and Cons

Is juror sequestration on the rise?

Talking Points Raised by the George Zimmerman Trial

George Zimmerman was acquitted--now what? It's time for a larger conversation about race, jury size, and self-defense laws.

Requiring the State to Pay for Stressed-out Jurors

Should the government have to pay for unhappy jurors?

Mental Health Counseling for Jurors

Oklahoma at the forefront in addressing juror stress.

Stress in the Legal System

Does involvement in the legal system have to be stressful?

The Future of Jury Research

Are jury researchers as good at their jobs as jurors are at theirs?

Nullifying the Law vs. Nullifying the Jury

A federal judge in New York recently dismissed charges against Julian P. Heicklen, who had been charged with jury tampering. Jury tampering?

What We Can Learn From "Twelve Angry Men"

I recently auditioned for a local theater production of Twelve Angry Men. As a jury researcher, how could I resist? Although I did not get a part, I still went to a performance, and I was struck by how powerful and instructive the play still is, more than 50 years after its premiere.