A Holiday Message for America and Wall Street in Hard Times

Many people in America will be celebrating the holidays a little more simply than in past years, for these are hard times. But there is a way through these times, and it holds promise for everyone.

Compassionate Medical Care Benefits Professionals, Patients, Students and the Bottom Line

Compassion in health care benefits professionals, students, patients and the bottom line. What's not to like about it?

The Fragility and Distortions of Our Love of Neighbor

The sources of our love for others are unstable aspects of human nature, and often overwhelmed. And yes, there are forms of giving and helping that are unhealthy. We need not overstate these things, or become skeptics, but we need to acknowledge them.

How Wise It Is: Volunteer to Stay in Touch With the Joy of Giving When You Have Been Uprooted

We can be anywhere, so long as we are helping others and caring for the,. This is probably the one source of stability in our lives that we can truly depend on, and so in the end we are never really out of place.

BIG MOVES - Adjusting to New Places Through Helping Others

Sometimes we do not realize how challenging big moves from one part of the country to another can be. Loss of job and place are two of the three big stressors in life, and it can take a couple of years to fully adjust. We practices a lot of volunteerism and helping activity, and that made all the difference. New York is sure different than good old Cleveland!

The Joy of Giving: Caring for Volunteers

Not every volunteer experiences a helper's high, but many could if they were better managed.  A new professional group, volunteer managers, has emerged over the last decade as more and more institutions rely heavily on large numbers of volunteer helpers. Many managers have training in counseling, and they are asking the right questions.