Stay Tuned for the Rainbow

To find the pot of gold in your life dare to embrace the positive.

Dream Machine

Daring to dream isn’t singularly a dream of acquisition but connecting with the vital role dreams have in who we are, who we marry, how we love, and what life we want to look back on with pride of ownership.

Confessions of a Macho Metro Man

I’m a guy who professes to be a Macho Metro Man. It took me a while to come clean about this and maybe take a little pride in it. It’s a declaration more men might want to self-recognize.

Information Is Not Necessarily Communication

With all the tweeting, blogging, and big data white noise trumpeting its cacophony, the ground shift has moved from the social ethic of doing what you say to the social byword of saying what you are doing. But information, no matter the device that dresses it, isn’t necessarily communication. And it’s time to turn down the noise that passes for news.


The discussion of not monogamy, but self-monogamy, learning to love yourself.

Packing Pickels and Problems

What do pickles have to do with every day problems?

To Be a Father, Be a Man

Someone recently wrote that a man becomes a man on the day your child is born and/or the day your father dies. There’s probably some truth to that, but in the court of events this is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Caring Can Make All the Difference

In a world where often we hear stories of hate and distrust, a simple act of caring can make all the difference.

There Is Only the Trying

Feeling pressure in our daily lives is the expectation not the exception.

Managing Social News Is Not News

Big data is on its way—and self-management is the only way to find our way.

Humility and Faith

In order to take a breath, we have to release our breath. In order to be more, we must be prepared to be less. Allowing this gives us a chance to catch our breath and allows us to be filled with something greater than ourselves. And acknowledging this is the step before the first step on the journey to greatness.


How are your habits keeping you from the greatness ahead of you?

Observation and Transformation

To see the path ahead on the journey to greatness requires that we observe the world and ourselves but not in that order.

Put Your Faith and Not Your Fears in Charge

Great men and women experience doubt all the time and are greater for it.

The Pursuit of Success Is Its Own Success

People without power still have the power to be great, even as those with power can be a long day’s journey from great.