Is It Real, or Is It Hallucination?

In the early 1970s, Memorex Corp. started the advertising campaign "Is It Real, or Is It Memorex?" featuring Ella Fitzgerald singing a high note so purely that it shattered a crystal wine glass. The next scene in the ad showed another wine glass shattering when a recording of Ms. Fitzgerald's voice was played. The thrust of the ad was that the clarity of Memorex recording tapes was so good that Ms. Fitzgerald's voice could shatter the glass whether her voice was live or was from the playback of a recording. From the glass's perspective, both the live voice and the recorded voice were indistinguishable. 

Is “grief counseling” helpful or harmful to the bereaved?

Analysis of 61 research studies shows that the higher the level of bereavement-related distress, the greater the benefit mourners will receive from bereavement therapy.

Time Heals All Wounds, or Does It?

I often hear of people giving bereaved people advice similar to “you just need some time, after all ‘time heals all wounds.’” Time does NOT heal all wounds. A more apt saying is “IT’S WHAT YOU DO WITH THE TIME THAT HEALS.” Like any other aspect of life, mourning is an active, working process, not a passive one.

Stages of Grief - Time For a New Model

We need to quit trying to distill the interpersonal and intrapersonal complexities of mourning into a simplistic set of dogmatic grieving stages. Rather, we should use newer, more descriptive models that better describe the process.

Life Ends at 150, or Later?

Some medical researchers are beginning to sound like they have found the "Fountain of Youth" and soon we will live to be 150 years old. Why?