Another Thing Introversion is Not

Introverts can be passive aggressive, but that's not because they're introverts.

Tell Us About Being an Extrovert

As long as we're trying to understand each other, perhaps extroverts will tell us about more about their ways.

Hurtful Misconceptions Across the Introvert-Extrovert Divide

Introverts and extroverts can get testy with each other when they subscribe to some common misconceptions.

Literary Introverts of My Childhood

Thinking back on the books that were most meaningful to me as a child, I realize their heroines were introvert role models.

Survey Says: How to Meet New People

Part two of my survey asked about your favorite ways to meet new people.

Survey Says: Introverts Don't Mind Being Chatted Up, Sometimes

Thanks to everyone who responded to my survey about meeting introverts! I am happy to share the results and some of the comments over the next couple of posts. I will draw no conclusions, but at least it gives us all something to think about.

Extrovert Envy

I sometimes suffer extrovert envy. I just returned from a vacation at a small all-inclusive resort in Mexico. The vacation was lovely and I have no complaints, only an observation: It seemed like extroverts got more gracious service. I certainly can't blame the staff for responding positively to outgoing energy.

Are Extroverts Better Looking?

In an article titled "The Origins of Extraversion: Joint Effects of Facultative Calibration and Genetic Polymorphism" researchers Aaron W. Lukaszewski and James R. Roney at the University of California, Santa Barbara posit that extraversion is calibrated according to phenotypic features.

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions for Introverts

Sometimes introverts need a quick comeback for some of the silly questions we're asked.

Affirmations for Introverts

These affirmations can help introverts hold their ground when the pressure is on to be different.

Graduation Day: Introverts Step Out Into the Real World

The good news is: Life after college might be easier for introverts than college was.

Mindfulness for Introverts

You would think mindfulness would be easy for introverts, since they're so quiet. Trouble is, we're only quiet on the outside. Inside, our brains are whirring a mile a minute.

A Theory About Introversion, Extroversion, and Autism

One theory suggests that introversion is on the nonclinical end of the autism spectrum.

Live and Learn and Adjust: Rewriting the Telephone Rules

I didn't like it when friends stopped calling me altogether, so I learned to meet them in the middle.

Introvert-Extrovert Friendships: Hows, Whys, and Why Nots

Making friends isn't easy for introverts, but it's not something we should outsource.

Mistakes Introverts Make

Sad to say, we're not perfect. Here are some things introverts do that don't serve them or their relationships well.

Chitchat 101: A Guide for Introverts

Some simple suggestion for introverts to make chit-chat less odious.

Writing the Book is the Easy Part for Introverts

Promoting a book is hard enough; when you're an introvert, it requires pushing against your own nature. Three introverted writers discuss self-promotion.

Identify the Why and the How Will Be Easier

It's a lot easy to do what you need to do if you know exactly why you're doing it.

Wise Words From Fellow Introverts

A collection of great tips and strategies from readers of The Introvert's Corner.

The Most Extroverted Time of the Year

The holidays can be exhausting for introverts; here are some tips for surviving.