Online Dating and Introverts: A Good Match

Can you find love in your computer? Sure, why not? Here are some tips to help.

An Extrovert's Lament, An Introvert's Response

An extrovert writes about problems she faces as an extrovert—but are they really problems?

Romance Red Flags

These relationship red flags aren't necessarily deal breakers, but if you spot them early you can work them out before bad habits become entrenched.

What If Staying Single Weren't Stigmatized?

Some introverts might be happier without getting coupled up the way society tells us we should.

Readers' Tips for Honoring Your Introversion This Season

How do you keep yourself from getting too stressed during this extroverted season? Readers share their favorite strategies.

Inspiration for Introvert-Friendly Gifts

A few ideas to get you thinking about gifts that will bring joy to your favorite introvert.

Introvert Stew

Some commonly co-occurring conditions may season introversion.

When Solitude Becomes Isolation

Sometimes solitude runs away with us and becomes unhealthy and unhappy isolation. It can take discipline to break free of inertia.

A Message To All The Annoyed Introverts

Allow me to clarify some points in my post about ways introverts can be annoying.

Five Ways Introverts Can Be Annoying

Introverts have been feeling pretty superior since the introvert-positive movement started. But are we really without faults? I think not.

Teach Your Kids That What's Good For Them Is Bad

We teach kids to be team players, but do we teach them to appreciate the benefits of solitude?

Introversion and the Teen Years

Research finds that kids in 8th grade struggle with "preference-for-solitude," but that things get easier by the time they're high school seniors.

The Introvert-Friendly Office

You know who really likes open floor plan offices? Nobody. Things to think about in creating an introvert-friendly environment.

The Best Job for Introverts Is No Job (In Particular)

No job is off-limits to introverts, they just have to figure out how to make it work for themselves.

Don't Call Me Neurotic (Unless I Am)

Introversion is often confused with a number of other traits and states. This brief guide can help you discern among them.

Why Extroverts Are so Needy

Obviously, extroverts are much needier than introverts, right?

An Autistic Mind Opens Mine (Can It Open Yours?)

Listening to the brilliant Temple Grandin speak about the autistic brain gets me thinking further about the possible connection between introversion and autism.

The Next Step in Introvert World Domination

A new book about introverts at work spotlights the next step in introvert world-domination. When we start working with our introversion, we make it work for us, and there will be no stopping us.

When Life Gets in the Way, Retreat

Taking a solitary retreat, even for a few days, is a way to rejuvenate, rethink, and get things done.

You Say "Friendly," I Say "Annoying"

Life's little irritations are no big deal, but you might as well know when you're being irritating.

How to Score With an Extrovert

Consulting my Board of Extroverts on ways introverts can win their hearts.

Introspection Versus Rumination

How can you tell when helpful introspection is becoming counterproductive rumination? Thoughts from some Psychology Today bloggers.

I Might Be a Bigot (But I Don't Think So)

Insisting I'm not shy is not to cast aspersions on shy people. But I'll have to be convinced that shyness doesn't make life harder.

How to Score With An Introvert

If you want to romance an introvert, make your grand gestures quiet and intimate.

The Trouble with Thinking

Have you ever been accused of thinking too much? Is that possible? Socrates said "The unexamined life is not worth living," but is it possible to self-examine yourself into a hole? Where is the line between introspection and rumination?

Introverts and Risk: Look, Think, Leap

Reseach suggests that extroverts are bigger risk takers than introverts, but maybe that's related to the way risk is represented in the lab.

I Love You But Don't Call Me, OK?

Sure introverts and extroverts can live happily ever after. But they might want to iron out a few details first.

Final Words of Wisdom For The Holiday Week Ahead

Some final thoughts to take with you into the most extroverted week of the year.

Energy Management: Hell Week Edition

When a busy stretch hits, introverts have to put energy management strategies to work. Here's how I made it through a go-go-go week of shameless self-promotion.

The Most Important Thing I've Learned About Introversion

In three years writing The Introvert's Corner, the most important skill I've learned is energy management.