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Are Introverts Better Friends Than Extroverts?

Whether introverts or extroverts are better friends is besides the point. The point is figuring out how to make the friendship work.
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A Fill-In-The-Blanks Letter to Your Family

Fill in the blanks on this letter and send it before you go home for the holidays and maybe your family will be more understanding of your introverted nature.
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Lead or Follow? An Introvert Weighs the Challenges

After year one of political activism, I'm wondering if I have the will to be a leader.
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The Overextended Introvert: Handle With Care

Sometimes when life hands you too much to do, you have to just hunker down and get it done, even when it stretches you thin.
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More Talk About Talking Too Much

It's hard to imagine telling a friend he or she talks too much--but might airing that truth be a kindness?

The Smartphone: Too Much of a Good Thing

The retreat that technology offers can be a dream come true for introverts--but it can become a nightmare.
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Five Ways Your Partner Can Help You Stay Cheerful

With conversation and compromise, you and your partner can avoid BIS—Bitchy Introvert Syndrome.
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Awkward Talk: Why Your Mouth Runs Away with You

A tendency to miss social cues is among the reasons some awkward people start talking and can't seem to stop.
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An Open Letter to People Who Talk Too Much

Introverts are often sitting ducks for chatterboxes. This is what we're thinking as we sit and listen and listen and listen.
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The Peculiar Pleasures of Traveling Alone

Traveling with other people is fun, but solo travel is a very particular pleasure for introverts.

Go or Don't Go: The Whys and Why Nots

Staying home is not always the right choice, even for introverts. Here's how I weigh various situations to decide if I want to stay in or get out there.
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Even Introverts Are Here

As an introvert, I anticipated spending a weekend in a house with ten strangers with fear and loathing, but it turned out to be a memorable and enriching experience.
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How to Date an Introvert

Introversion can be an easy scapegoat for relationship problems, but it's only the beginning of the discussion.
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5 Ways You're Doing Introversion Wrong

You're not doing introversion any favors if you think the introvert-proud movement is all about staying home.
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The Key to Being a Better Friend

If you worry about being a good friend, choose the people you love and trust most and tell them how you feel. This simple act will bring you closer together.
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Be Introverted, Not an Introvert

Labeling yourself "an introvert" suggests a fixed behavior hewing to a set of guidelines; considering yourself "introverted" is a starting point for self-discovery.
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How Can Introverts Help Heal the World?

The world needs all of us to pitch in and make it a better place, but how can we do that when we really prefer not to leave our living rooms?
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Why I Worry About Being a Good Listener

Introverts are good listeners, but do we even try to get our fair share of the conversation, or simply allow our needs to be buried under other people's chatter?
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What It Means When Someone Tells You 'You're Too Sensitive'

Being accused of being overly sensitive can be infuriating—but should you take it to heart?
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Love the One You're With? Or Choose the One You Love?

Because they prefer not to pursue, introverts are at risk of finding themselves in the wrong relationship.
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Should I Tell My Daughter She's an Introvert?

Talking to teenagers can be tricky, so try providing information and letting them figure it out themselves.

Writing an Online Dating Profile That Works

A new book provides solid tips for making your online-dating profile stand out.
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The Introvert's Dilemma (and How to Solve It)

An introvert wonders if her need for downtime is just an excuse for being lazy.
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Teen Asks: Am I an Introvert?

A teen wonders if she' s naturally introverted or if she's an extrovert who's lost her edge.
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Are You the Listener You Think You Are?

In The Listening Life, author and ordained minister Adam McHugh examines what it really means to listen--to God and to others.
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8 Reasons Introverts Love a Snowpocalypse

Those of us who aren't facing this weekend's snowpocalypse are a little envious of those who are.
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You're Not Weird (Or Maybe You Are)

Introverts often ask me if their choices are weird, but the only way to answer that question is to figure out if you are getting what you want from your life and relationships.

The Perks and Pleasures of Hosting a Party

In many ways, hosting a party can be more appealing for introverts than attending one.
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What Are You So Afraid Of?

Professional coach Beth Buelow says we can't ignore fear, but we can get to know it better to push past it.

5 Crucial Tips for Introvert-Extrovert Couples

"Because introversion" is not the end of the discussion.