Does My Teen Need Treatment?

Does your teen need treatment? Here is a good review to help you figure out what to do.
Violence in Divorce: Towards Safety

Violence in Divorce: Towards Safety

Continuing the discussion on the malignant divorce, and touching upon the seriousness of domestic violence.
The Bully: Is Your (Ex) Spouse Dangerous?

The Bully: Is Your (Ex) Spouse Dangerous?

Dr. Banschick talks about how a childhood bully can turn into a dangerous adult. What can you do you if your (ex)spouse is on that path?

A Thanksgiving Message

During Thanksgiving, it's important to understand how to take care of yourself. The holidays can make things harder in an emotional situation, such as divorce.

Leo Averbach: Diagnosing Malignant Divorce

Today we have a guest blog by Leo Averbach, writer and divorcee, to continue our discussion on the malignant divorce. Please read and comment with your own experience.

Taking Back Your Power in a Bad Divorce

This article is part of our Malignant Divorce series. Divorces can be like a cancer, and they must be treated with care. This installment looks at why it is so important to turn to professionals when dealing with an ex who is trying to destroy your morale.

Do You Have an Impossible Ex?

What do we do with an impossible, malignant ex?

This Too Shall Pass (In Memory of Curt Beck)

Curt Beck, a professor of Organic Chemistry at Vassar College, passed away. Dr. Banschick remembers him in this piece and reminds the rest of us of the importance of a mentor.

The Malignant Divorce

Not all divorces are awful, but some are truly malignant. What do we do when our divorces become more like diseases than peaceful separations?

Rita Pollak: How to Evaluate Your Options When Contemplating a Divorce

Our first guest blog is by Rita Pollak, past-president of the International Academy of Professionals and co-founder of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council. She explores the different options you may have when considering divorce.

Why Halloween Just Won't Go Away

As Halloween approaches, take a moment to think about the true significance of the day. Then take your kids trick-or-treating with a whole new outlook!
It's Not Fair! But Why Should It Be?

It's Not Fair! But Why Should It Be?

Divorce isn't fair. Neither is life. What does it mean for something to be fair in a relationship?

Divorce, Parenting, and Learning How To Get It Right

When you're getting divorced, should governments ask couples to take a course in parenting?

Can You Forgive?

Forgiveness is important- it helps us heal and become better people. But how do we do it? How can we let go? How important can it be in a relationship?

The Government's Dysfunctional Marriage

It is crucial to remember that politics are made up of people, and these people's underlying psychology is analogous to those of divorcing parents. We reprint an article we wrote for Politico here hoping to remind everyone that what we need most is not competition between parties, but collaboration.

Divorce, Faith, and Football: One Call Away by Brenda Warner

Even if you don't follow football, Brenda Warner, the wife of Kurt Warner, can teach you very important lessons about how to handle yourself and your family during a difficult and emotional divorce. Here, you'll find a review of her new book, "One Call Away."

How Much Truth Is Too Much Truth?

Children are often found in the middle of divorces but is it necessary to tell them EVERYTHING that is going on during your divorce?

Doctor's Notes: Back to School After the Break-Up

It's time for your kid to go back to school and you're in the middle of a divorce. Do you know how to keep your child healthy and happy?

The Intelligent Divorce: An Introduction

What is a good divorce? What is a bad divorce? These questions are important, but not nearly as important as: What is best for my kids?