Tied Up With the Wrong Person?

Do you know someone tied up and settling for less in their relationship? Here's how to break patterns that make people unhappy. It's worth a look.

Texting, Texting 123 Part Three

Teens text, and text some more. Then, there's Facebook. Our guest blogger, Donna Moss, wonders if all this social media undermines healthy development. Curiosity, school work, the capacity to be alone, sleep habits and more .... In this piece she helps parents get a handle on what they can do about it.

What Awful Marriages & Cults Have in Common

What keeps a victim from leaving an abusive relationship? Why not just leave? Consider the power of mind control and the threat of violence. As awful as it sounds, cults teach us a lot about what's required to escape. Send this along to someone who can use it.

Divorce: The Stereotyping of Men and Women

Are men and women stereotyped in divorce? And how does it hurt them and their children? Rita Pollak is collaborative attorney who was kind enough to contribute this guest blog on stereotypes in divorce. It should be required reading for attorneys and the lay public alike.

Emotional Competence.

Want a great relationship? Try a better skill set. If you and your partner have it, the odds are in your favor. If one of you falls short, watch out.

The Unhappy Marriage: Stay or Go?

For some, marriage seems impossible. They ask themselves. "Should I stay or should I go?" Let's take a look at the reality of an unhappy marriage. Divorce isn't always the answer.
“Texting, Texting 123”—Part Two

“Texting, Texting 123”—Part Two

Part II of our three part series on teens, texting and their relationships looks at the effects of cell phones and social media on your child's education, schooling, and academic development as well as their social and emotional skills. It's your child—be informed!

Narcissism Examined

What lies at the heart of narcissism, and how do you deal with it? Let's peel back the diagnosis and see what we get.

How to Fix a Clingy Relationship

Is someone you know too needy or demanding? Here's how relationships get clingy, and what you can do about it.

“Texting, Texting 123”

Texting, Texting 123: Donna Moss gives us the first of a three part series on raising kids in the texting era. Consider it a Parent's Guide to Teen Texting. You may want to text your friends about it. ;)

Divorce and Separation Anxiety

Divorce can make anyone anxious; even more so with children. Find out about Separation Anxiety and what you can do about it.

Unhealthy Religion - Can We Do Better?

Does religious fundamentalism scare you? It should. Are you fed up with religious leaders who betray their sacred calling? I hope so. Religion can be healthy and it's worth fighting for.

ADHD:10 Helpful Tips

Your child is antsy and can't seem to focus. Plus, your family is not doing well. What's ADHD? What's anxiety? What's stress? And, what's normal? Here are some answers.

The Art of Silence

Sometimes it is better to listen than to speak. It may help your relationship; and be a comfort to those who need you. Should pieces like this be required reading for doctors?

Greatness Redefined

Wanted: Are you special? You don't have to be famous or rich. We desperately need heroes. And, you may be the right person for the job.

God, “Why Have You Made Me Your Target”? (Job 7:20)

Bad things happen and sometimes religious people can make it worse. You want to believe, but you don't believe what they're telling you. I understand. Here's a story that's sure to open your eyes...and help you feel better.
Making Your Own Luck

Making Your Own Luck

Lady luck may not always be on your side, but that doesn't mean much. A small change in attitude may do the trick. There's a science to making your own luck.

The Narcissistic Father

You're not that happy despite everything you've done. Did your Dad have a narcissistic attitude? It may be time to set yourself free.

You're a Caregiver, You're a Hero, and You're Exhausted

Are you a caregiver? Whether the burden is divorce, dementia or illness, you're stepping up. And, now you are exhausted. Here are 9 ways to take care of you, so you can take care of them.

Love Is an Action Verb

Want love? There is no laundry list that will work. But, there is a way. After all, love is an action verb. So act.

Bad Memories? 8 Ways to Detox Yourself

Having trouble in relationships? You choose wrong. You anger easily or avoid confrontation?. There may be trauma in your past. Here's an 8 point Detox from a painful past.

Was Your Dad a Narcissist?

Do you work too hard for Dad's approval? Do you end up with charming partners who don't meet your needs? Your father may have been narcissistic. Here's an helpful check list.

Want to Be Happy? 5 Ways to Handle Anger

Angry A lot? Not Angry Enough? Anger can ruin a marriage or destroy a love affair. Holding back anger can do the same. Want to be happy? Here's some pointers that can really help.

Hurt Someone? Morgan Freeman Can Help

Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Lance Armstrong have something in common. They know something about regret. When apologies are not enough, consider doing something more.

Unforgivable Hurt; What Do You Do Now?

You've been hurt, betrayed, crushed. The unforgivable has happened...Now what? Should therapists encourage a patient to forgive? And, how do you get over it?

Angry Boys: Sometimes, Mom Is Not Enough

Young men can be quite narcissistic. They don't like being told what to do, and if insulted or shamed, some will rage. Whether a family is intact or not, a boy's father can play a unique role in dealing with male rage. Here are some tips on raising a great son.
Happy Relationships – Do You Want One?

Happy Relationships – Do You Want One?

Love, not laughter, is the best medicine—A scientific look at the power of love, and tips on how to secure what you need.
Every Day Trauma: 8 Ways to Feel Better

Every Day Trauma: 8 Ways to Feel Better

Feeling stressed today? What to be happier? Micro Traumas happen all the time and here are eight ways to feel better.

The Narcissist

Narcissism...Is it true? Is it a disorder or an excuse? And how the hell do you deal with them?

Overcoming Neediness

Has your partner become clingy? Or, is it happening to you? Advice and tips on how to get over it.