The Borderline Father

Women are more likely to have Borderline Personality Disorder, but men can be as well. Here's how a Borderline father can affect you and some tips about what you can do about it.

Is Your Mother a Borderline?

A borderline mother can you hurt a child (even an adult child) in the blink of an eye. Here's what happens and how you can respond.

True Love vs. False Love

Falling in love is great. But loving a real person is better.

Medical Records - Can We Keep Our Privacy?

What do electronic medical records mean for our society, and for our right to privacy?

The Value of History in Medicine

History is not just for college students. It can help make a good doctor a true healer.

Overcoming Fear

Fear keeps us stuck, makes us controlling and fights healthy change. It doesn't have to win.

Power Thoughts That Change Lives

Ten Power Thoughts for 2015 to get you started again.

The Brain Talks to Religion

Can our brains be convinced that religion matters?

Everyday Ecstasy

Ecstasy is to be found in this world. But are drugs, compulsive sex or addictions required? Consider everyday ecstasy. It's addictive.

The Borderline Parent—A Survival Guide

Are you a child of someone suffering from a Borderline Personality? Do you have a friend who has a parent with BPD? It can be brutal - but there are ways to survive.

Boosting Creativity - 10 Easy Steps

Feeling stuck? Consider 10 steps to get your creative juices flowing again. It feels good to make things happen.

Does Your Child Need Stimulants?

Parenting is no easy feat, especially with an ADHD child. So what's a parent to do? Guest blogger, Kevin Kalikow, M.D. invites you into his office for a virtual visit.

Puff the Magic Dragon

Puff the Magic Dragon is about a child's magical mind; and it makes us smile. But, can that enchantment be rekindled in adulthood? The answer is yes.

Mystical Healing

Do you have anger problems, eating issues, relationship difficulties, or just too many regrets? Consider an ancient teaching that can wake you up to making changes that stick.

Can Religion Speak to Adults?

Do you see religion differently now that you're an adult? You are not alone.

"You Wanted This Divorce!"

Parents ask for divorce, and teens have to go along. Here is how to protect them.

Saying Goodbye to Hurt

Can't get someone our of your head? Holding onto resentment that won't go away? Here are seven ways to move on.

Funerals, Psychology and Cost

Did you know that Funeral Homes can be big business? If someone you know just lost a loved one, consider becoming an educated consumer.

The Shopaholic

Do you know someone who shops too much? Maybe it's you? Dr. Hindie M. Klein introduces us to the mind of the shopaholic and demonstrates why it's a tough addiction to beat.

The Borderline/Narcissistic Mother

Do you think your mother might be a Borderline or a Narcissist? Here's how to tell the difference.

The Narcissistic Boss

Do you have an impossible boss? Or are you the problem? It's important to know, in order to figure out what to do.

Sibling Rivalry & The New Baby

Having a baby changes your life forever. But, the new baby can change the life of your first child as well. Dr. Hindie Klein tells us how to help a first born adjust to the arrival of a new brother or sister.

Old & Happy - The Secret Formula

What do we do when the mountains to climb are inside of us? How do we find happiness when so many of our years lie behind us?

Why You Can't Get Organized

Do you find yourself struggling to organize your things? Because you're not alone, and here's why.

The Borderline Mother

Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of emotional abuse from your mother? Dan Lobel tells us how a parent with Borderline Personality Disorder can affect you, even as an adult.

When Addiction Hits the Family

When a serious addiction problem hits home, it's time to mobilize. Here is what you can do.

HGTV—Addicting or Therapeutic?

Many of us are hooked on the popular Home Improvement Network, HGTV. But who knew there were similar ties between these programs and therapy. Guest blogger, Heather Edwards tells us how.

Game of Thrones, Sex & Love

The Game of Thrones series gives us a world of easy sex & deadly power trips. But is it possible to find love in the midst of the morally challenged society of Westeros? What, if anything, is George Martin telling us about our world, today?

What Makes Something Sexy?

Three questions: What makes someone sexy and exciting? Why does great sex often lead to pain. And, how might you have more healthy great sex? Let's start a conversation.

Your Limitless Self

We deal with limitations everyday. Can we transcend the world as it is? I believe we can.