Reclaiming Happiness

Guest blogger Heather Edwards has five important tips that will help you align with your heart's desires.
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The Happy Brain

It's hard to be positive if you're hung up on the negative. Just know it's possible to change your state of consciousness.

Brad & Angelina, Five Takeaways

What can we take away from the highly publicized Jolie/Pitt divorce and apply to our own relationships?
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The Commitment-Phobe

Some people are phobic of commitment. It may have to do with attachment. Here's how.
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Time To Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck? Here are 7 ways to get going.

The Ex Who Drives You Crazy

Divorces are never easy, and it doesn't help to have a difficult ex-spouse, but there are many positive, healthy ways to deal with this situation.
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Should You Stay or Go?

Is he or she right for you? Not a simple question. Let's consider what went wrong - and if it's fixable.
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The Narcissistic Parent

Narcissistic parents - in this case a mother - can hurt children in many ways. It's a type of abuse that requires a special kind of healing.

5 Ways to Be Happier

We all want to be effective doing the things we want to do. Time to get going. Here's how.

Teenagers, Driving & Safety

Spring is here, and so are many happy drivers. Here is the good and bad news about the music we love to listen to.

The Happier You

Dealing with disappointment, an estranged loved one...everyday pain? Discover a bit of happiness and make it last.

Bad Habits

You wanted to change something in 2016, but old habits die hard. Why not make it happen now? Here's how.

Midlife - When We Want Happiness Now

Midlife can truly make us happier. Here's how.

Sex & Intimacy

Are sexual relationships lacking in intimacy a much better option? Or, can you have both?

Why People Buy

How do consumers transition from disinterest in a product or service to urgently wanting that same product or service? It is all about psychology.

Get Better Grades

Grades - It's easy to ruin a semester. Here are FIVE doable ways to succeed.

Deep Throat

Deep Throat was a flawed man. Can his story help us with our flawed lives?

The Narcissistic Injury

We've all been hurt to the core. Now, how do you get over it?

Finding Calm When Afraid

Mass murder is real, whether motivated by terrorism or something else. Fear is rational. Here's what you can do.

The Borderline Daughter

Is your daughter developing a Borderline Personality? Is she difficult or truly in trouble? Here are some clues that should prove helpful.

Should You Forgive?

Forgiveness can be impossible. It can also be freeing. Here's how to make it work for you.

7 Happy Family Rules

There is a science to having a happier family. The blueprint begins with seven golden rules.

Is He The One?

Is he the right person for you? Is she?

4 Ways to Clear Your Mind

We all have toxins in our minds. Here are ways to clear them out.

Body Language

Julius Fast, the author of Body Language (1970), was a childhood neighbor who taught us about Body Language.

Inside Out Thinking

Inside Out thinking is the secret to success and a happier life. It makes learning a joy and not a chore—a good lesson for both adults and children.

Clergy as Counselor

Clergy are usually the first to know when painful psychological problems come up for people. Michelle Friedman, MD helps us understand the value of religious leadership and what clergy need to learn to fulfill their calling. Good counseling, after all, is also a Godsend. But, it often requires extra training.

New ADD Treatment

There is a new medicinal/nutrient for ADD -- learn more about it.

Regret - 8 Ways to Move On

Regret gnaws at you and won't let go. Consider eight ways to learn important lessons, make changes and then - let go!

Selfie Stick Mania

What's the deal with the Selfie stick "phenomenon"?