Why People Hold Onto Stuff

Do you have too much stuff? We cling to things for many reasons, and it can be overwhelming. Guest blogger, Marcia Sloman, tells us where to start.

Why We Rush Off Airplanes

Why do people need to get off airplanes in such a hurry? There are many reasons and the fear of flying is only one of them.

Can Porn Hurt Your Sex Life?

Is porn a harmless distraction or a destructive addiction?

How Media Can Exploit People

When does a reporter cross the line from doing his job to exploiting his interviewee?

The Emotionally Healthy Athlete

Elite athletes are inspiring. But, what's the next chapter? Many do well, but the bio-psychology of success can backfire. Here's what you can do for your own children.

The Fire of Love

Keep love burning. Like a fire, it can burn out. And, when stoked correctly, boy can it be great.

Helping Children Grieve

Bad things happen to good people, and sometimes those people are children. How do you begin to help a youngster suffering loss? Here are some guidelines for a problem with no easy fix.

The Narcissistic Politician

To quote Nietzsche, "The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others." Politicians are not saints, and some can be narcissistic because grandiosity and entitlement are contagious. They may inspire or annoy us, but politicians can make big errors in judgement; and we all lose. Here's how we can do better.

Is Your Partner a Liar?

Does someone you love appear to be lying to you? Is it hurting your relationship? Small lies can turn to big ones. Here's how—and what you can do about it.

Clingy Love

Can you have a great childhood, and yet have a rocky love life? What are the reasons why people become needy? Let's unpack this problem and look at some ways out.

How We Learn to Lie

Everyone has lied at some point in their life. In fact, it's an important part of early child development. Yet most of us give it up. Do you know someone who lies too easily? Here's an insight into what may have gone wrong.

Break Bad Habits

Habits die hard. And, without help they often stay on...forever. Smoking, overeating, overspending...you name it. Here's six good ways to start anew. You can do it!

No Sex in School

Sex is wonderful. And, sex can be dangerous. Check out what our guest blogger, Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo has to say about the sex therapy field. And, consider what's working or not working for you.

5 Tips for Success

Do you find yourself in a rut? Check out five basic tips for success.

130 Year Old Riddle

An ancient book, a school girl and a riddle. Here's a message to decipher just in time for the holidays. I guarantee you'll love it...along with everyone you share it with!

The Swiss Cheese Personality

Need to be perfect? Beat yourself up too much? We are all like Swiss Cheese and filled with holes; it just depends where they are and how big. Its a simple idea that can make you happier.

The Narcissistic Mother II

You may have grown up with a narcissistic mother and she hurt you in many ways. But, you can overcome. Here's how.

Difficult Divorce? 6 Ways to Get Unstuck.

Divorce triggers upsetting feelings and can leave you not knowing what to do next. Here are six simple tips that can get you unstuck.

The Narcissistic Therapist

Is your therapist self-absorbed? Does he place your needs as a patient secondary to his own needs? The problem may be he's a narcissistic therapist.

The Narcissistic Mother

Does your mother have narcissistic characteristics? Looking for validation, and not finding it? Here's how a narcissistic mother can affect her children, and ways to feel whole.

Grown-Up Bullies

Sometimes the bully is an adult, and even a parent or colleague that you see everyday. Author and television professional, Jill Brooke, tells us how to deal with such people in this timely guest blog.

Childproofing Divorce

Divorces involving children can get messy. But it isn't impossible to steer your kids clear.

The Sincerest Love - The Love for Food

We're not telling you to dump your current relationship. But, consider food for the long term. It comes through. Here's eight reasons why.

Getting Unstuck: Kick-Starting Your Marriage

Check out five ways to kick start your marriage. A relationship is to be enjoyed.

Life's Unfair & Bitterness Makes it Worse

We are taught that things should be fair. Really? A boss hurts you, a spouse stops caring, a child is in trouble... Or worse. Life is not always fair. But, is bitterness the answer? Here's some medicine for the bitter heart.

Writing Is Good Medicine - Plus, It's Free!

Try writing. You may find that it feels good, even if you're having a hard time. Is it time to dust off your old diary? Here are six reasons why.

The Religious Mind

Do you believe in God? Maybe, yes and maybe no. Here we'll look at what makes a person spiritual. You may be surprised by what you find.

College Success

Building success for college students requires knowing who you are and what you need. Not everyone is ready, and that's okay.

Getting Unstuck: The Toxic Relationship

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, it's never too late to take charge of the situation.

The Dangerous Attraction of Powerful Men

Are you attracted to powerful men (or women)? Do you know someone who is incredibly successful, handsome or talented? Think twice.