Life's Unfair & Bitterness Makes it Worse

We are taught that things should be fair. Really? A boss hurts you, a spouse stops caring, a child is in trouble... Or worse. Life is not always fair. But, is bitterness the answer? Here's some medicine for the bitter heart.

Writing Is Good Medicine - Plus, It's Free!

Try writing. You may find that it feels good, even if you're having a hard time. Is it time to dust off your old diary? Here are six reasons why.

The Religious Mind

Do you believe in God? Maybe, yes and maybe no. Here we'll look at what makes a person spiritual. You may be surprised by what you find.

College Success

Building success for college students requires knowing who you are and what you need. Not everyone is ready, and that's okay.

Getting Unstuck: The Toxic Relationship

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, it's never too late to take charge of the situation.

The Dangerous Attraction of Powerful Men

Are you attracted to powerful men (or women)? Do you know someone who is incredibly successful, handsome or talented? Think twice.

Seven Ways to Thrive After Divorce

Is there life after divorce? Is it possible to thrive after divorce? We have seven reasons why there is a possibility!

Teen Trouble

If your teen is in trouble, getting to it early really helps.

Fathers, Sons and Sports

A father teaches much to a son. It is so much more than having fun. A young man grows to be a mature man who knows how to behave. While a mother's role is crucial, a dad can make all the difference. Here's a modern story of a boy without a dad. It's an important tale.

Getting Unstuck: Revitalizing Your Work Life

We all know what it's like to be stuck in a rut at work. Guest Blogger, Heather Edwards, gives simple, pragmatic tips that can help you get your momentum back and make something good happen. You deserve it.

Cheating & Baseball: Who is to Blame?

We need a clean game just like we need a clean society. It's likely that Alex Rodriguez is guilty, but he's also a distraction from a bigger problem. Here's a discussion about how institutions find and use scapegoats.

Does a Meaningful Life Require Children?

As a society, we are producing less and less children. What's the best choice for you?

Picasso & Woody: Like the Art & Not the Artist?

Picasso was a genius, but may not have been a great man. Blue Jasmine is a movie about narcissism. I appreciated the film, but was critiqued by those who don't respect Woody Allen. Can we learn from works of art, even if we don't always respect the artist? What do you think?

The Rich Narcissist - Woody Allen's Latest Target

Do you wish that you were rich, famous or powerful? In his new film, Blue Jasmine, Woody Allen takes aim at rich and narcissistic people. Take away the wealth and what do you have? Not much. It's a strong movie; and it makes you think.

Sex, Narcissism & Politics

Do you know a person who thinks they're above it all? Such narcissistic traits are often found in politicians, among others.

Are "Natural" Products Really Better For You?

Is Mother Nature always right? Is "natural" always best? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no. Here we take a look at what makes something natural, and why we care.

The Temptation of Anthony Weiner

The story of Anthony Weiner is a complex tale of our times. Our world of social media, computer mediated communication, and online connections present many pros, but also many cons. Cyberspace can trap many into its net. Here is an example of one (famed figure) who did just that.
Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck

Life presents each of us its hurdles and hassles, trials and tribulations...but we can, and should, strive to get our groove back. Its time to recapture your passion and spunk.Yes, it takes work, but it is sure as hell worth it!

Raising Demanding Teens

Teens & Marriage are a potent combination. Our guest Blogger, Donna Moss, writes about how to keep your head clear, your kids on track, and your marriage intact. A little teamwork goes a long way.

Sometimes Fantasy Works

Do you enjoy a fantasy or two? Sometimes its just what you need. Here's a look at fantasy with the help of Kafka & Cervantes,

Summertime Demons

Summer brings fun and worries, especially with a teen who breaks the rules. You can be a strong parent, without overdoing it. Here's how.

Marriage and the Baby

Babies are wonderful, and mom and dad fall in love with this brand new life. But in the process, many marriages begin to fall apart. Here's how to keep your marriage fresh.
The Family Dinner

The Family Dinner

The Fourth of July Barbeque, Easter Sunday Brunch and the Passover Seder are just a few of the many opportunities that we have as families to eat and bond together. Simply put, a consistent family meal makes important memories.

A Second Marriage and the Boy Left Behind

Do you know anyone in a second marriage? What are the responsibilities of the new wife or husband to a child of the first marriage? The critically acclaimed new film, Before Midnight, takes a close look at the anatomy of a second marriage. It's eye opening.

Narcissism and Other Kinds of Hurt

Let's face it: If you're hurting, it's hard to care about anything else. Pain makes some people narcissistic and others, more caring. How come?

Divorce in China

Divorce rates are sky-rocketing in China. Why is it happening? And, what does it teach us about Chinese society?

Eating for Two? Think Again

Pregnancy & weight gain: how much is too much? Jessica R. Walter and Steve Xu are in their final year at Harvard Medical School. They propose a way to find the right balance for you and your baby.

Tied Up With the Wrong Person?

Do you know someone tied up and settling for less in their relationship? Here's how to break patterns that make people unhappy. It's worth a look.

Texting, Texting 123 Part Three

Teens text, and text some more. Then, there's Facebook. Our guest blogger, Donna Moss, wonders if all this social media undermines healthy development. Curiosity, school work, the capacity to be alone, sleep habits and more .... In this piece she helps parents get a handle on what they can do about it.

What Awful Marriages & Cults Have in Common

What keeps a victim from leaving an abusive relationship? Why not just leave? Consider the power of mind control and the threat of violence. As awful as it sounds, cults teach us a lot about what's required to escape. Send this along to someone who can use it.