The Emotional Machine and You

Computers are becoming increasingly capable of interpreting and manipulating human emotion. How will this alter our relationship with our technology?

How to Build a Brain

How would you go about building a brain? Researchers around the world are working to answer that question, using approaches that are as varied as they are ingenious.

Rise of the Intelligent Machines (Part 1)

Most of us find it exceedingly easy to dismiss any attempt to equate the behaviors of machines with intelligence. Perhaps if we looked a little closer, we'd think differently.

The Path to Future Intelligence

Often when people think about intelligence and the future, they have visions of monolithic supercomputers, Terminator scenarios and Skynet. But there’s an entirely different path to future intelligence. Intelligence augmentation will allow us to change the way our brains function and it may be considerably closer than you think.

Vaccinations: The Intelligent Choice?

Legislation being considered in Washington State would require parents who do not vaccinate their children to submit proof they've been informed of the risks and benefits of immunization. This raises the question: In a society that has all but eradicated many devastating and potentially lethal diseases, why are some individuals willing to risk their return?

Can Machines Be Intelligent?

With the development of artificial intelligence, we'll have to start thinking differently about the nature of intelligence and whether this rapidly evolving technology may one day challenge our intellectual supremacy.