Is Your Adult Child Having A Mental Health Crisis?

Many young adults with stress induced mental health symptoms can benefit from learning simple coping skills, like time management or self-soothing. The presence of mental health symptoms does not have to mean disability.

Learn to Say "No"

Why do people have such a hard time denying their children?

How Do You Know If Your Kid Is Ready for Independence?

Kids with a solid foundation of healthy coping and self care skills are better equipped to hang in there when the transition away from home gets tough.

Young Adults in Recovery, Maybe You Can't Go Home Again

The return home after addiction treatment is an especially vulnerable time at any age, perhaps more so for teens and young adults who are driven to pursue social relationships and may not have formed solid self-identities or goals for the future.

Twenty-Somethings Moving Back Home

Maybe she graduated from college and hasn’t had time to find a real job yet. Or perhaps he washed out of military training. Or, maybe college or the first job experience was a flop. For a variety reasons, record numbers of twenty-somethings are moving back home to live with their parents.

Should Everyone Go To College?

College is increasingly expensive and stressful as students try to compete with greater numbers of their peers to get into reputable schools, they face mental health problems at alarming rates, graduates face crushing debt, and the job market for college grads is bleak. Why should any of us want to endure college?

Parent Tips for Crisis in the College Years

Have a plan for how you’ll intervene if your child stops functioning/growing/benefitting from your arrangement to help her get an education.

5 Shortcomings of Young Adult Psychiatric Care

When a young adult receives a new mental illness diagnosis, she may absorb the illness into her sense of self, see it as who she is. But not all young adults with an episode of depression will go on to experience another one.

The Most Important Talk to Have Before College

During the college years, many of your discussions and most of your arguments with your child will circle back to the issue of money.

Moving Out Leads to Anxiety for Introverts

Being introverted is not the same thing as having anxiety, but anxiety can result when introverts lose their vital opportunities for emotional quiet.

5 Steps to Help Your Teen Leave the Nest

Most parents of teens wonder what they can do to prepare their teen for independence. Research studies show that young people today grow up in a setting that is fundamentally different from the world when their parents left home. Here are the steps can you take to give your teen the strongest chance for success.

Can Emerging Adulthood Be Mistaken for Mental Illness?

Unfortunately, many emerging adults are inappropriately labeled with mental health disorders by clinicians who fail to grasp the nuances of the emerging adulthood stage.