Style Profile: Success Dynamo Jane Schulte

Style Profile: Success Dynamo Jane Schulte

Posted Aug 03, 2010

The Image Professor Blog publicly showcases the style evolution of a professional "mover & shaker" excelling in their specific industry. We'll discover how powerful and stylish leaders have used (1) clothing, (2) grooming, and (3) behavior to achieve visual and verbal success.  

This profile proudly highlights Jane Schulte, co-owner of PRISM Title & PRISM Consulting.  PRISM Title & Closing Services was created in 2006 with a small group of leaders with Jane at the helm. 18 months and 52 additional employees later, PRISM achieved success utilizing techniques explained in Jane's book BOLD Leadership: A Holistic Approach to Business Success.

Admired by the most visible and accomplished women in her community, this working dynamo shares her secrets to personal and professional success.  Click here as Jane takes you through her image journey:

Jane Before

Jane After



















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LisaMarie Luccioni is an adjunct professor of Communication at the University of Cincinnati, a business etiquette expert, and one of 100 Certified Image Professionals in the United States

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