The Image Professor Blog publicly showcases the style evolution of a professional "mover & shaker" excelling in their specific industry. We'll discover how powerful and stylish leaders have used (1) clothing, (2) grooming, and (3) behavior to achieve visual and verbal success.  Can image be used as a secret to success on and off the gridiron?  This professional football coach says yes. 

Our profile highlights Coach Jeff Quinn, current Head Football Coach at the University of Buffalo, a collegiate Division I-ranked program.  Before his move to New York, Quinn was the offensive coordinator and line coach at the University of Cincinnati.  During this time, Quinn helped the Bearcats achieve a 33-6 record, including a 12-0 record this year and a national No. 4 ranking heading into the Sugar Bowl meeting with defending national champion Florida.  Quinn was also a top-five finalist for the 2009 Broyles Award, given to the nation’s top assistant coach.  Charged with recruiting players, winning games, and representing his University, this man's honor is almost palpable.   While the game may be the same, the branding is context-specific. 

In a world where ostentatious displays of arrogance can abound, discover how gentlemen in sports not only survive, but prosper and play it forward: 

On the Field


In the Press

In Brand-Appropriate Tie Color

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LisaMarie Luccioni is an adjunct professor of Communication at the University of Cincinnati, a business etiquette expert, and one of 100 Certified Image Professionals in the United States

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