Style Profile: A Visual, Verbal, & Behavioral Evolution to Success

STYLE PROFILE: "Hot Mess" No More: From Frumpy Duckling to Sartorial Swan

Posted Mar 18, 2010

Each month The Image Professor Blog will publicly showcase the style evolution of a professional "mover & shaker" excelling in their specific industry. We'll discover how they've used (1) clothing, (2) grooming, and (3) behavior to achieve visual and verbal success. Read how powerful and stylish leaders are making their contribution to our communities and world.  Alert:  Successful people reveal their secrets; this is a worthwhile read.   

Our first Style Profile is Amy Storer-Scalia, Founder & Editor of an award-winning online magazine offering health, beauty, fashion, social, and career information to women seeking inspiration and transformation.    

Discover how Amy morphed from an unknowing college graduate to become one of the most high-profile women in her city.  Witness her transformation......





Amy's complete Style Profile, jam-packed with candor, humor, and wisdom, can be found at the following link.  Enjoy! 


**Nominate your own male or female "mover and shaker" (or yourself) for a future Style Profile.  All industries welcome.  Send LisaMarie an email with a subject line of "Style Profile Nomination" to**

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LisaMarie Luccioni is an adjunct professor of Communication at the University of Cincinnati, a business etiquette expert, and one of 100 Certified Image Professionals in the United States

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