How to Receive a Compliment

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." ~Mark Twain

How Dumb Thinking Leads to "Uh Oh" Moments

Ever been wrong? Forced into damage control? Feel stupid after-the-fact? Here's quite possibly why. Error One: Treating Inferences as Facts

Lady, Gentleman, or Hellion? 5 Simple Steps to (Better) Behaved Children

Earlier this week, I posted a question to my Facebook account: Are children's manners on the decline? Answers arrived like tax returns on April 15; apparently the issue resonates because in two years of Facebook operation, I've never witnessed a more rapid and passionate response.   

Style Profile: Success Dynamo Jane Schulte

Admired by the most visible and accomplished women in her community, this working dynamo takes you through her image journey. If you seek a combination of determination and grace, here's your woman. Learn from her. I have.

Curb the Cursing, Kardashians; There's a Baby on Board

Are you okay with the F-this, F-that, and F-you American culture? Reality television seems to be. I'm not. You shouldn't be either.

Style Profile of Professional Football Coach Jeff Quinn

The Image Professor Blog publicly showcases the style evolution of a professional "mover & shaker" excelling in their specific industry. We'll discover how powerful and stylish leaders have used (1) clothing, (2) grooming, and (3) behavior to achieve visual and verbal success.  Can image be used as a secret to success on and off the gridiron?  This award-winning coach says yes. 

15 Steps to Wallop Your Competition

Make Way.  The Best Has Arrived. 

Do College Students Court Their Professors?

This past spring quarter, an attractive male brunette majoring in design cast his alluring spell. I was pursued with charm, insistence, creativity and ultimately, I succumbed.

Style Profile: A Visual, Verbal, & Behavioral Evolution to Success

Each month The Image Professor Blog will publicly showcase the style evolution of a professional "mover & shaker" excelling in their specific industry. We'll discover how they've used (1) clothing, (2) grooming, and (3) behavior to achieve visual and verbal success. Read how powerful and stylish leaders are making their contribution to our communities and world. Alert: Successful people reveal their secrets; this is a worthwhile read.

The Classy Break-Up: Conversational Templates for Saying Good-Bye

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn did it in a movie. Jen and Brad Pitt did it in real life. I may not be Jen and you may not be Brad, but "breaking up" with people is a normal life event.Here follow suggestions for disconnecting from categories of select people when you've determined it's the appropriate time to do so. All cost-reward ratios have been thoroughly determined, and it's simply time to take action. 

Got Handshake? The Silent Communicator

It's stealth. It's power. And it's at your own fingertips. Forward to the office staff and print for the kids at home, for we have ten suggestions for handshakes done right.

Pantyhose at Work: A Woman's Bondage or her Best Behavior?

Pantyhose at Work: To Wear or Not to Wear? Shakespeare may not have tackled this popular dress code inquiry, but this image consultant bravely offers her take. One size does not fit all; pantyhose are a contextual issue. That said, here are three factors that may help guide your decision to don the nylon.