Million Dollar Baby

Ever since it has been possible for parents to buy life insurance on their children, a few parents have traded diapers for dollars.

Cat Fights

When girls kill each other, it's often to protect a relationship or a reputation.

Partners in Crime

When two people kill together, one often leads and the other follows. But how does the dynamic begin? Are they both destined for crime or does one corrupt the other?

Babysitters from Hell

It is rare for a nanny or babysitter to kill a child s/he is hired to love and protect. This fact is little consolation for the families who live through it.

Serial Killing For Cash

Serial killers for profit may start out with money in mind but may wind up addicted to the psychological payoff.

Warning Signs of Dangerous Relationships

A dangerous relationship is one that, from the very beginning, is not what is seems. In most relationships that lead to heartache or worse, there are warning signs early on; the trouble is that sometimes our need for a relationship trumps our willingness to see the truth.

Trash Talk or Tremors of Trouble

"I'm going to kill you" are words that don't belong on the playground or in the classroom. But how seriously should a child's threat be taken?

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Children who are raised by toxic parents often grow up to be decent human beings who learn to separate themselves from their parent's problems and surround themselves with loving, encouraging friends. Those who can't escape their influence, though, can be drawn into the same pathological view of the world they grew up in—and wind up doing very bad things.

The Psychopathic Mother

What happens when female psychopaths become mothers?

Life on the Baby Farm

Once upon a time, there were unskilled and unwed single mothers, shunned by their families for their “immorality” and without social services to help them with childcare. Out of these dire circumstances came baby farmers, unregulated child care providers who kept—and sometimes killed—these kids for cash.

Lying, Murder and Deceptive 911 Calls

Even in the middle of a crisis, it is possible to tell the difference between a manipulative murderer and a desperate mom.

Big Lies and the Boogie Man

It's hard for most of us to believe that someone can murder a relative, claim s/he was abducted, and then go on TV and plead for his or her safe return. Fortunately, research shows that, no matter how good an actor, linguistic cues don't lie.

The Childhoods of Munchausen by Proxy Moms

Women who induce illness in their children to get attention from medical professionals seem to have some common childhood experiences.

Heroine Rush

With Munchausen by proxy, the same mechanism that predicts that women should be the ones to provide greater investment to their children can at times 'misfire' by having psychiatrically damaged women create conditions that signal to the world their attentiveness and devotion.

The Predatory Stalker

Predatory stalkers are the most dangerous of stalkers - and often the most charming on the surface.

Serial Killer Groupies Who Kill

Is it possible to "love" someone so much that you want to copy everything he does—even murder?

The Making of a Serial Killer Groupie

You'd be surprised by how easy it is for some women to fall in love with serial killers.

How to Think Like a Criminal

Criminals have more in common than crime. They share a common mindset.

This Man Is Mine

Some women would rather have a dead lover than one who sleeps around.

How Much is Your Mother Worth?

What would lead a college freshman and aspiring doctor to decide that money was more precious than a mother's love?

Black Widows on the Web

Black widow serial killers have money on their minds and kill to get it.

Fatal Attraction

The dysfunction that binds two people together can be much more deadly than when they are apart.

"This is Why I Killed Your Kids"

Can a mother's need for revenge overshadow her ability to nurture?

Serial Killer Couples

Wives of serial killer couples often come from abusive backgrounds, but they also have something else missing.

Female Mass Murderers

Female mass murderers can be as deadly as men, but they don't show up at movie theaters wearing camoflauge and seeking revenge.

Matricide by Teen Girls

Teen girls who murder their moms are either trying to end family abuse or they've become the abusers themselves.

A Psychological Profile of a Poisoner

Like the method they use, poisoners can be hard to pin down. But they do share some common personality characteristics.

Female Animal Abusers

Women tend to abuse animals through neglect. However, when they do use physical violence, they're just as deadly as men.

Scary Children

Children with severe behavior problems aren't necessarily budding psychopaths but they need help.