Irrationality of A.A.?

My friend recently forwarded me the April 2015 Atlantic Magazine article “The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous” by Gabrielle Glaser. If I did not have personal and professional experience with alcoholism and in treating alcoholics, then I imagine I would not have felt such a need to respond to this article.

Non-Traditional Addiction Services That Work

Navigating addiction treatment services can be an overwhelming process, especially when you or your loved one is in crisis. However, it is also important to understand that there are non-traditional forms of addiction/mental health treatment that are being utilized more often and are becoming more mainstream.

Parenting High-Functioning Teens Around Drinking and Drugs

Many parents have questions and concerns about their teenager’s alcohol and drug usage, including how best to set limits and rules within the household.These issues may become concealed and more complicated when these individuals are high-functioning—in that they are performing well in school,engaged in extra-curricular activities,socialize with friends and appear healthy.

Robin William's Suicide and Connection with Dual Diagnosis

I have been deeply impacted emotionally by the news of Robin William’s suicide and have found myself shedding tears as I think about the pain that he must have been experiencing and if the outcome could have been different. By nature, I try to find meaning when there is difficulty, and find inspiration from existential concepts—

The Power of Drinking Memories

Memorial Day is just around the corner and summer to follow. Those living in areas where there are four seasons are coming out of hibernation, getting small tastes of sun, heat and outdoor activity. Along with memories of past drinking.

The Shock of the Shock of Celebrity Addiction-Related Deaths

The recent reported drug overdose and death of Philip Seymour Hoffman led me and a friend to discuss why these types of deaths are still so surprising to people and why so much attention is paid. Each time that I hear about a celebrity alcohol and drug-related death, it has an impact on me and millions of others.

Holiday Drinking: What Is Normal?

I recently read a unique article about a study by Caron Treatment titled “Many Americans Oblivious to What High-Risk Drinking Looks Like.” Dr. Harris Stratyner was quoted as saying “Alcohol is still the number one cause of damaging behavior at holiday celebrations throughout the U.S.”

Alcoholism Does Not Discriminate...

I was recently interviewed for a article titled “Why the Brains of High-Powered People May be More Prone to Addiction” by Alice Walton. What struck me when I read the article was that there was a specific article written about this subset of individuals.

Caron Study Reveals "Top 5 Reasons" Mothers Turn to Alcohol

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I hope that this can be a time when mothers are honest with themselves and others about support that they may need. Mothers have unique challenges that can exacerbate drinking issues in those with a predisposition.

Denzel Washington as High-Functioning Alcoholic in "Flight"

I have always said that the story of the high-functioning alcoholic (HFA) is not typically told in books, movies and television because it is often boring and not always dramatic. Well, the movie “Flight” starring Denzel Washington has brought thrill, suspense and truth to this topic.

Sober Thrills!

Recently, I was captivated by the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” about the CIA and Seal Team that killed Osama Bin Laden.I was fascinated with the personality types that would choose government and military jobs that would place one’s life in that level of danger.I also wondered what the experience would be like to transition from adrenaline-filled jobs to ordinary home life.

Nature and Recovery

Nature: from an urban garden and park to the vast lakes, rivers, oceans, forests and mountains—it is everywhere and available to everyone. There are unique and healing qualities that civilizations have tapped into since the beginning of time.

The 411 on Addiction Interventions...

Interventions are a group process during which the reality of the identified patient’s (IP) alcohol and drug use is presented to that person by a group of other individuals (ie, family, friends, co-workers).

The Challenges and Blessings of Being a Sober Mother

As a new mother who is in recovery from alcoholism, I have gained an enormous amount of first-hand experience into the unique challenges that motherhood brings for those either trying to get sober or intending to sustain their recovery.

Whitney Houston’s Story Could Help Others With Addictions

While I do not feel that it is appropriate to make conclusions about Whitney's cause of death prior to the release of the autopsy reports, I do believe that her life has been a cautionary tale.

What Type of Addiction Services Do I Need?

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet about addiction treatment. Many people email me and have no idea where to begin or what type of care that they or their loved one may need. There is common terminology that is important for those seeking treatment and their loved ones to understand when reaching out for help.

If Eminem is Proud to Be Sober… Then Anyone Can Be!

I was speechless while watching the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) as Eminem performed the song "Not Afraid" from his newest album "Recovery"- in fact I felt tears brewing. Through the years Eminem has been a controversial hip-hop rapper who seemed to thrive on offending and instigating public and political figures by speaking his mind without concern for other's opinions.

Balance: The Key to Successful Recovery from Alcoholism

 Finding "balance"...a term that sends shivers down the spine of an alcoholic- active or sober. Many alcoholics have extreme personalities that often lack moderation. Therefore, when they get sober it can be a challenge to change their lifestyle to one that is conducive with recovery.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month: Great Time to be Mindful of Drinking Habits!

Mindfulness can involve simply taking a few moments to check in with yourself about your drinking habits. You or a loved one may want to consider answering the following questions in order to be honest about the role alcohol plays in your lives.

The Great Wine Myth

"We JUST had a few glasses of wine at this nice restaurant.""I know that I shouldn't be drinking again, but it is JUST wine with friends""I need to drink wine daily, doctors say that it is good for your heart.""It goes down so easily, I didn't notice how many glasses of wine they poured me at the party."