Hidden Brain Puzzle (And Answer): Sexism in the Workplace -- Some Paradoxical Evidence

How does overtly sexist decor in offices affect prospective job-seekers?

The Wage Gap -- Unconscious Bias in Judging the Value of Predominantly "Female" Professions

 Apologists for the wage gap blame women for choosing low-paying jobs. Here is why they're wrong.

Can We Do Away with the Unconscious Mind?

 The unconscious mind in mental disorders, politics and more.

George Allen's "macaca" moment: Does he deserve censure or compassion?

Are people who say and do racist things because of unconscious bias still responsible for their behavior?

The Supreme Court and the Hidden Brain

The Supreme Court does not understand the unconscious mind.

Haiti: Natural Disasters and Religious Belief

Nonbelievers cannot understand why religious people often experience a strengthening of their faith after a disaster. Here's the answer.

New York Times oped: The Hidden Brain and colorism

Are darker skinned African-Americans treated differently than lighter skinned African-Americans?

Airport Screeners — Voyeurism vs Boredom

Powerful new screening machines can look under the clothes of airline passengers. The real concern is not what you think.

President Obama and Skin Tone

Did the fact Obama has lighter skin than many African Americans help him get elected president?

Fighting Bias in Negotiations

Is the reason women negotiate less often than men in numerous settings have to do with the way they are judged by their evaluators?

Get Off The Fence!!

 Can indecisiveness make you unhappy?

Santa Claus Myths

When it comes to terrorism, ancient algorithms in the brain make it very difficult for us to think about our fears in deliberate ways.

Sexism and Success

Men are far more likely than women to achieve literary success, for equivalent efforts.

Fighting terrorism: False positives vs false negatives

Every time there is a terrorist incident in the United States, supporters and critics of more intrusive security measures engage in a form of intellectual dishonesty.

Why Crime Rates Keep Falling

Why Do Crime Rates Keep Falling? Does it have to do with the elimination of lead from household paint and gasoline?

Is Compassion the Answer to Genocide?

Why has the world sat on its hands so often as mass murder has unfolded?

Playing It Safe

There has been a lot of talk recently about New England Patriots Coach Bill Belichick’s decision to take a chance on a fourth down play — a decision that turned out badly. You don’t have to be a sports fan to be interested in the larger phenomenon the issue raises.

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the hiddenbrain blog. In the weeks and months to come, I am hoping to start conversations about the effects of unconscious bias in everyday life.