The Nobility in Suffering

Cops are destined to bear a lifetime of suffering--an inescapable paradox--but nobody tells them it will be okay.

Justice or Just Us?

What's happened to our country? A few common denominators may help you understand that what is old is new again.

Four Calls for Cops

Why do cops stand in the gap between good and evil?

My Cop Is a Superhero!

Superheroes are the most potent, mythological translators of heroism in the modern age. They serve as anchors of moral worthiness for our men and women in blue.

Darth Vader: The Value of Redemptive Sacrifice

The Star Wars character of Darth Vader is a mythic “traveler,” as we each make choices we regret and must bear the consequences.

Life After Law Enforcement

Although officers have a love-hate relationship with their jobs and it’s difficult to stay, it’s often more difficult to leave. Moving forward requires a healthy path.

Memorial Day: A Gift That Keeps On Giving

The spirit that boils from our sacrifices cannot and must not be extinguished during our dark times, yet we are reminded every day that darkness is at our doorstep.

Why John Hughes Still Matters

Filmmaker John Hughes' movies remain staples of teenage angst and adolescent transition still relevant today. When looking for nostalgia, you don't have to go far.

Let Me See Your Brave

Predatory social dynamics often keep us in our shell despite the gut checks and intuitive instincts that tell us to stand up, speak out, and do "something."

Quit Being Your Own Archenemy

The label of hero or villain is fleshed out by moral choices made under pressure. Using familiar archetypes will go far in helping you find a symbol and anchor of worthiness.

Moses and the Man of Steel

Often, our cultural impulse to attach ourselves to a family tree of symbolism. In doing so, the Bible (and comics) offer a unique treatise on the rise of heroes.

Watching Out for the Watchers

Casualties go beyond death and physical destruction. Our heroic "charge" is to pool resources for those who have become a cheap commodity in an apathetic society.

Have We Sacrificed Security For Liberty?

"No police force can safeguard the ideals of civility and decency from a public determined to destroy them." --Edwin Delattre Someone must step in---Enter: Law Enforcement

Don't Taze Me Bro!

From the baseball grandstands to political forums, the use of the TASER continues to gain momentum in the media where armchair quarterbacks watch game film on Monday morning.

In Search of Obi-Wan Kenobi

The crisis of modern society could very well be our younger generation who no longer feel heroic in the call-to-duty we have set up for them. Who do we turn to?

Finding a Phone Booth

Embracing a responsibility to seek out answers to suffering and injustice requires a heroic transformation. Wherever you are in life, your phone booth is waiting!

When Kids Are The Heroes

Predatory social dynamics place all of us into the spotlight of survivor or victim. In growing numbers today, children provide our shelter.

Anti-Heroes: Is There a Goodness of Purpose?

"Well, when an adult male is chasing a female with intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard. That's my policy."—Inspector Harry Callahan (Dirty Harry, 1971)

To Be or Not To Be

As millions go to the range to qualify on their firearms, don't forget that guns are only tools. YOU are the human weapon and the best self-defense starts and ends with your mind!

Stoke Your Fire

Moral and spiritual tradition teach us to respond to symbols in a way where human greatness is often realized--and achieved.

The Heroic Father

Fearlessly embracing the responsibilities fathers have been given, regardless of past mistakes, will leave a strong legacy for generations to come.