How to do an Emotional Detox for Better Heart Health

The mind and the body are deeply connected, so your state of mind can have a profound effect on your heart and overall health. Learn how to do an emotional detox to help cleanse the mind and heart.

A Healthy and Happy Mom Is a Better Mom

Are you a busy mom, always on the go, with no time for yourself? Do you feel tired, stressed, worn out, and unhealthy? Well, you're not alone! Read on to find out how you can get healthy and healthier, find time for yourself, and become a better mom.

Our Emotions can Damage the Heart

Our emotions can have a huge effect on our overall health. Research shows that improving psychological function by learning how to manage and balance our emotions may help ease symptoms of disease. For optimal heart health and well-being, learn how to balance your emotions.
The Kind of Love That Does Your Heart Good

The Kind of Love That Does Your Heart Good

It is important to learn to love yourself. When you do, you will find that your health improves, you become happier and more balanced, and you are able to enjoy good people and good things in your life. Read more to learn how to incorporate more self-love in your life.

Happiness is the Best Medicine

Being joyful is about inspiration, passion and motivation. Laughter is the best medicine for your overall health, find out how to add more joy to your life today.
Laughter Improves Overall Health

Laughter Improves Overall Health

Happiness and laughter is correlated with better health. Research shows that positive mood, optimism and humor are linked to better health and well-being. Read more to find out the benefits of living a happy life and how to incorporated more laughter in your daily life.

The Effects of Stress on the Body

Stress is an inevitable part of life and one that can be extremely harmful on the body, mind and soul. We all deal with stress in different ways, but how we manage and reduce stress is important for our health. Read more to find out how you can reduce stress in your life.

Optimism May Increase Longevity

A positive attitude can cause a chain reaction of positive outcomes, thoughts, and events. A new study finds that a positive attitude can increase longevity in patients with heart disease.

Psychology of Food and Alcohol Addictions

Bad habits may be self-destructive and hard to break, especially when it comes to our eating and lifestyle habits. Are you struggling to eat better or drink less alcohol, but finding it very hard to change your unhealthy habits? Read more to find out the importance of breaking these bad habits.

The Psychology of Obesity

Obesity has now officially been declared a chronic disease. The American Medical Association (AMA) has adopted a new policy this Tuesday that declares obesity as a chronic disease. The obesity epidemic raises a host of questions aimed directly at the psychology of eating. Read more to find out what psychologist think.

Take a Vacation for Your Health

Need an extra incentive to take some time off? Learn why taking a vacation is good for your overall health.

Healing Powers of Love

The heart of the matter is that it is the heart that matters. A healthy heart is a happy heart. To achieve optimal heart health, your emotional and spiritual heart is just as important as your physical heart, and care must be given to all aspects of this vital organ. Read on to find out how love benefits overall health and how to incorporate love into your life.

Self Doubt: Junk Food for the Heart

Self-doubt is one of the major obstacles to living the life you truly deserve. This unhealthy food for the soul drags down your spirit, crushes your ambitions, and prevents you from achieving all that you can.

Gratitude: Soul Food

Be grateful. Gratitude is one of the most important foods for the soul. Gratitude has the ability to enhance happiness and overall well-being in such a way that it helps nourish our body, mind, and spirit. Being thankful for the things you have and appreciating both the good and the bad in your life has the power to transform the way you actually live your life.

How to Silence Your Self-Critic

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you find that you constantly criticize, put yourself down, and strongly focus only on your bad qualities? Well, you’re not alone and it happens to a lot of us, many people are prone to self-criticism. Read on to learn how to quiet that inner voice that tell you "you're a failure."

Stay Positive

Here are some tips on how to stay positive, happy, and healthy.

Foods for the Soul

Healthy foods - gratitude, appreciation, self love and love of others, laughter, joy, mindfulness. Unhealthy foods - self doubt, judgement, fear, anticipation, anger, hatred.