Group Rumination and the Power Of Music

Music can change the world because it can change people, said Bono.
dan tomasulo

Is Group Therapy an Antidote for Antidepressants?

Group Treatment Beats Antidepressants

The One-Minute Group Meditation

Of all the interventions available for facilitators, this one minute at the end of group has impressed me most.

Take The Spoon Out Of The Cup

The most obvious problems are the ones we help create.

Differences Between Individual, Group, and Couples Therapy

“Therapy” is a very broad term used to describe various styles and modes of treatment. It can be confusing because in addition to the types of therapy and therapist, there are different techniques, theories, and approaches that can be used differently.

The Peak-End Rule And Premature Termination In Group Therapy

A good experience in group therapy can all depend on the end.

Manhattan Transference Part 7 Final Episode

Transference in group therapy: It's all done with mirrors.

Manhattan Transference Part 6

The cure for acting out—is acting out. Using psychodramatic methods in uncovering transferences in group therapy.

Manhattan Transference Part 5

Understanding transference in group therapy can offer an insight into your projection onto others.

Manhattan Transference Part 4

How can group therapy help make the unconscious conscious?

Manhattan Transference Part 3

What causes us to distort how we see others?

Grit: What Is It and Do You Have It?

Got GRIT? Take the survey.

Manhattan Transference # 2

What happens to the therapist when something feels funny?

Manhattan Transference: Number 1

Who do you think you are? Therapist countertransference

What is the Reciprocity Ring?

"To receive everything, one must open one's hands and give." - Taisen Deshimaru

Positive Interactive-Behavioral Therapy (P-IBT)

Positive group psychotherapy for people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.

Group Therapy as Family of Destination

How would you like to trade your family in for a new and improved one?

Positive Group Psychotherapy

Group Therapy goes from what's wrong to what's strong.

Cognitive Dissonance Group Opinion and the Fall of Lance Armstrong

What happens to our thinking when a legend is a fraud?

Acceptance : An Introduction to Therapeutic Factors

In a cohesive group, members feel a sense of belonging and being valued by each other. This sense of being connected is usually fostered by interactions which are positive in nature. The feeling of trusting others and being safe are central to members' feelings of acceptance. 

What is the difference between individual and group therapy?

In psychodynamically oriented therapy the work revolves around understanding the forces, such as those in the family of origin and other intimate relationships, as a way of determining how to approach the need for change.