The Wound is Where the Light Enters You

Dr. Colleen Long has worked with thousands of weight loss surgery patients. Instead of "getting over" the feelings, start by going through them, and stop the yo-yo for good.

Don't Be the Chicken and Cheetos Lady

This is why psychologists deny certain people for weight loss surgery.

Stop Schlepping Through Life

A Tip for the graduates...with a little help from Marley.

The Art of Doing Nothing

Learn how wasting time is not time wasted.

I Cannot Do It All

Dr. Colleen Long is a psychologist and a mom who has come to the conclusion that one simply cannot have it all

The Booby Blues

Little is known about post weaning depression, but countless experience it. This article was written to help them know they needn't suffer in silence.
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32 Things I Know to be True About Life at 36

Dr. Colleen Long shares her personal 32 keys to a purposeful life.
When You're Afflicted With the Disease to Please

When You're Afflicted With the Disease to Please

How to stop valuing others' comfort over your own, once and for all...

The Number One Thing We Often Forget to Teach Our Children

The one thing we often fail to teach our children, because our parents failed to teach us...

Clooney Now a Commentator on Marriage Three Days Post-Nup

George Clooney comments on the state of marriage three days post-nuptials; a healthy reminder for us to distinguish a wedding from marriage.

The Art of Doing Nothing

How to go to "Bora-Bora," without leaving your seat

Cliff Notes Guide to Getting Happiness Right

A personal peek inside the top ten secrets of happiness experts

Broccoli vs. Chocolate

The five things you can do to affair-proof your relationship
Robin Williams–The Giver

Robin Williams–The Giver

5 things you may not know about bipolar disorder

Why Divorce Should ALWAYS Be in Our Vocabulary

How the possibility of divorce always being on the table can keep our marriages strong

Welcome to the Happiness Highway

The inaugural blog for the Happiness Rx: a tool to make your life a bit more joyful everyday
Get Motivated to Recharge Your Therapy

Get Motivated to Recharge Your Therapy

Therapist Dr. Colleen Long tells you how to reboot your therapy and get motivated to work on your best self.