AI We There Yet?

Tasks in which AI systems excel—board games, erudition quizzes, image classification—do not loom large in human behavior. Real AI will need some real behavior and brain science.

From Beginnings to Hope

Can people's natural evil tendencies be overcome? A virtual-machine solution.

How to Make a Corporation Happy

This election year saw a heated debate regarding the question of whether or not corporations are entitled to the same rights as people to express themselves and to influence the political process. Crucial evidence that bears on this question can be gleaned by considering the cognitive dynamics of a corporate mind alongside that of a human.

We're More Than the Sum of Our Parts

Consciousness inheres in the dynamics of neural activity and its interaction with the environment. This simple insight has startling implications for those of us who hope to survive the death of our bodies by being "downloaded" into electronic hardware.

Gateway Drugs for the Masses

There are behaviors which, if adopted by the masses, clearly serve the interests of the ruling plutocracy. Should we be surprised that these include some beloved spiritual practices?

Don't Worry, Be Happy

How to stop worrying and love socioeconomic inequality.

The Human Roots and Human Cost of American Plutocracy

Veterans return to homelessness from a bloody war instigated by political puppets of war-profiteering corporations? Looks like the shining city upon the hill could use some cognitive behavioral therapy.

"What Do You Mean... Human?"

Does a dissolution of all desires make a person more than, or merely other than, human? And what would happiness be without the pursuit?

The Ghost Constructed by the Machine

The physical characteristics of the human body place severe constraints on how the brain computes the mind, thereby shaping the ghost constructed by the machine.

Livin' La Vida Virtual

We look at the world through two eyes, but see it as one. This fact has interesting implications regarding the question of whether or not the world we perceive is real.

The Machineries of Joy

Coming to terms with our instinctive yearning for the future is a good recipe for making the most of the only time during which we are alive: the present.

Call to Depart

You but arrive at the city to which you were destin’d — you hardly settle yourself to satisfaction, before you are call’d by an irresistible call to depart. [ Leaves of Grass: Song of the Open Road (82:11) — WALT WHITMAN]