I have to admit, I love every book I’ve ever written. A writer friend said to me in a commiserating tone, “Don’t you hate looking back at your books? I do!” and I thought, “No, I’m my own biggest fan! I love my books.”

But of all my books, Happier at Home is my favorite. It’s my best book. It certainly has the best ending I’ve ever written—and endings are my specialty. I love the ending to this book.

Now, you might think, “I’ve read The Happiness Project. What else can Gretchen Rubin have to say? Maybe it’s just a re-hash.” Nope! I thought about this very carefully as I was writing. Even if you’ve just finished reading The Happiness Project last week, Happier at Home will be fresh—unfamiliar ideas, new information, more stories. Where The Happiness Project goes wide, Happier at Home goes deep. Plus: photos!

Of course, it might be of special interest to anyone particularly interested in “home”: college or grad students, recent graduates, empty-nesters, newlyweds, new parents, people who have just moved, people overwhelmed with clutter, people who feel like they have no leisure, single people, people with spouses and/or kids, people with health issues…hmm, looks like that covers just about everyone! Because the fact is, for most people, home is a very significant element of their happiness.

Also, you might think, “I read Gretchen Rubin’s blog.  C’mon, how much does she have to say?” But a book is very, very different from a blog. Ideas can be presented and developed in much richer ways. I can tell longer, more interesting stories. I can be funnier (well, I try to be funnier). Also, I think a book is more likely to inspire you to make changes in your own life than a blog.

I so appreciate the kind words from everyone who has already finished Happier at Home (gold star for speediness!). I’m thrilled to hear that it’s resonating with so many people. If you’ve read it, you might enjoy the Behind-the-Scenes video or the Behind-the-Scenes extra (email me to request it). It was so fun to do these–I’d never done anything like this before. Yes, you can know the true story of “artisanal pickles.” All is revealed.

I know many book groups are reading Happier at Home, and the one-page discussion guide is ready; it’s also aimed at spirituality book groups, Bible study groups, and the like. Email me to request it.

Thank you, dear readers, for your enthusiasm, ideas, and support. You make me very happy.

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