2010 Happiness Challenge: For those of you following the 2010 Happiness Project Challenge, to make 2010 a happier year – and even if you haven’t officially signed up for the challenge -- this month's theme is Mindfulness. Last week's resolution was Use cues to cultivate mindfulness. Did you follow that resolution? How did you do? Did it boost your happiness?

This week’s resolution is Keep a food journal. I've tried several times to keep a food journal, because so many studies show that writing down everything you eat is a great way to improve your eating habits: when you're mindful of what you eat, you eat differently.

In the past, I've tried and failed to keep a food journal -- when you're not very mindful (and I'm not), it turns out that you have a hard time being mindful of your mindfulness exercises. Sigh. I'm giving it another try now, and this time, I'm having much better success at keeping the food record -- and it definitely does help me to eat better. How many times can a person wander through the kitchen and absently eat a caramel-flavored rice cake, and not even notice, if she's not writing it down? You might be surprised.

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If you're new, here’s information on the 2010 Happiness Challenge (or watch the intro video). It’s never too late to start! You’re not behind, jump in right now, sign up here. For more ideas, check out the Happiness Project site on Woman’s Day.

* I loved this happy video showing folks from Seattle's Best Coffee launching the re-invention of their brand by gleefully taking over Starbucks headquarters.

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