3 Ways Happiness Can Improve Health

To achieve health-related goals, put your brain before your body.

5 Ways to Turn Happiness Into An Advantage

It's hard to find happiness after success if the goalposts of success keep changing. But reversing the formula can help you turn happiness into greater success rates.

Are You an Irrational Optimist?

Rational optimists believe that mindset matters, but they also recognize that reality is part of the formula. You must change reality, not just wish it away.

Is happiness impossible?

We tell ourselves a lot of stories about happiness. Our brains invent very elaborate cognitive strategies to tell us who can be happy, when and why. No one can be happy in an economic downturn, no one could be happy in a children's cancer ward, no one could be happy with my job, etc. But this doctor poignantly pointed out that those stories don't check out.