Harry Potter and the Illusion of Potential

What explains the appeal of Harry Potter? Could it be the dark magic of a cognitive illusion?

brief book review -- The Vision Revolution

Mark Changizi's remarkable book, The Vision Revolution, forces a revisualization of the vision sciences.

Ghost busters, parapsychology, and the first study of inattentional blindness

What do ghosts and the paranormal have to do with inattentional blindness?  Read about what may be the first studies of inattentional blindness.  They come from a most unlikely, but seasonally appropriate source.

Invisible Gorilla reviewed in the NY Times

The Invisible Gorilla is reviewed in the NY Times Book Review

My talk at TEDxUIUC

Dan Simons speaks on "counter-intuition" at TEDxUIUC.

cognitive and moral limits

Just as an infant's rudimentary moral reasoning differs from that of an adult, our rapid, intuitive judgments often differ from what we might decide if we took the time to reason it out.

Seeing the world as it isn't

When we look at the world around us, we feel that we are seeing it completely and accurately. That feeling is illusory.