Are Bicycles Alive?

Children often think that inanimate objects such as their toys are alive. Guess what? So do a lot of adults (and no, we're not talking about swearing at your computer).

What the exception to the rule proves

Can Psychology's generalisations ever be of use to us as individuals?

What Constitutes General Knowledge?

Measures of general knowledge can reflect the needs of the test's author rather than what an individual really knows.

You Can Trust a Psychologist 95% of the Time, Part 2

Psychological studies are good at averages but don't always tell you about yourself.

You Can Trust a Psychologist 95% of the Time Part 1

Psychological studies are verified using statistics that show the probability that the findings are correct, not that they are guaranteed correct. How, then, can we trust the findings?

What They Don't Tell You About Dementia in Textbooks

I've lectured and researched dementia for nearly thirty years and when it hit my own family it still had the power to surprise me.

What If We All Agreed?

The pointlessness of some debates in Psychology.

Will I Get Dementia?

What are the chances of getting dementia?

Sorry I've Been Absent for a While

Sorry I've been away. But I have found the best opera to send you to sleep.

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder Take Things Literally

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder often take things literally. We examine how and attempt to explain why.

Learn What Delirium Is—You Could Save Someone's Life

Delirium is often confused with dementia, but it is not. It is far more life-threatening and can be treated if the symptoms are recognised.

Why We Live Longer These Days, and Why You Should Worry

Increased life expectancy seems a great idea - until you realise what the term actually means. Then it becomes clear that added burdens come with improved life expectancy, not least for you as an individual.

The Mid-Life Crisis Does and Doesn’t Exist

The mid-life crisis is a term that gets bandied around, but the symptoms are not universal amongst the population and many behavioural changes attributed to the MLC are explicable in other ways. But the serious psychiatric changes associated with MLC should not be dismissed - nor should people assume that a crisis is only for middle aged people.

Giving Advice About Dementia Can Be a Bad Idea

The mismatch between dementia as seen in textbooks and the everyday reality of the condition is explored.

Some Extra Viewing and Reading

Two reviews for the price of one. First, want an enjoyable but realistic movie on cross-generational relationships? Look no further. Plus, an accessible and comforting book on dying.

When Does Old Age Begin?

Why the age at which old age begins is arbitrary, and what a Belgian statistician has to do with all of this.

What We Really Think About Old People

Suppose you want to examine what people think about older people. As every first year psychology student knows, the last thing you do is to go to the nearest shopping mall and ask passers by.

Does It Matter or Doesn't It?

In case you think that you have come to read my blog and feel short-changed because you found precious little mention of aging in my first entry, I follow swiftly on with a genuine bona fide entry on the psychology of aging, though it might not seem so at first.