Are you enjoying the ride or pushing against your personal jet stream? Are you a creative type working in an administrative job? A “people person” tethered to a computer? A mathematical mind working in a sales position? Pushing against your jet stream – described by your unique gifts and acquired talents – takes its toll on your energy, productivity, health, and relationships. Every moment of every day, you have the choice to define yourself by your strengths and weaknesses. By focusing on your distinctive talents and living in your personal jet stream, you ignite self-motivation and empower self-confidence.

A jet stream is a fast flowing air current. It takes a plane where it is going fast and without effort. It has commercial relevance because it dramatically impacts flight times, it can speed you up if you are flying with a jet stream and slow you down if you are flying against a jet stream. By flying in a jet stream, the airline industry cuts flight times and saves gas.

Once you land yourself in the sweet spot you will also find it has the same power as a jet stream you get in that spot and you go where you want to go much quickly than you could have imagined for a lot cheaper. There is a lot of power in finding your purpose and your passion. Don’t be intimidated by how far you may feel from your sweet spot, it has a power that can take you where you want to go much more easily and quickly than you can currently imagine. There is a powerful jet stream out there and it is called you sweet spot.

Think about achieving the success you want. If someone is working in their jet stream they will achieve more faster than someone who is not working in their jet stream. If you are not in your jet stream you might have to work 10 times as hard as someone who is in their jet stream just to catch up to them. But here’s the catch – for them, it will not be depleting to work that hard, it will actually be energizing! So while you will go home and collapse, shop, eat or drink to make up for working, they will go home with reserves because they are literally filled up by their work.

A person who is not working in their sweet spot, CANNOT compete with someone who is working in their sweet spot. Why would anyone do this to themselves, put themselves in a playing field they will always be disadvantaged in?

Well, that’s actually a good question. What are the reasons people do what they don’t love?

1. People do things they don’t love, or choose to spend their life with people they don’t love because they are trying to make other people happy – many times their parents.

2. People do things they don’t love because they think the rewards are worth it - money, prestige, fame.

3. People do things they don’t love because they never took the time to think about what they love to do or are good at.

4. People do things they don’t love because someone told them that life is SUPPOSED TO BE HARD.

5. People do things they don’t love because they were afraid to risk themselves in what they really wanted. It makes us more vulnerable to put our real selves in our work, that hurts a lot more if we fail than if we are just punching a time card.

6. People do things they don’t love because they don’t know how to do what they love.

7. People do things they don’t love because they have limiting beliefs about what is possible or acceptable.

Ask Yourself: Why am I not doing what I love?

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About the Author

Dr. Lara Honos-Webb

Lara Honos-Webb, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and author of multiple books.

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