The Top Five Gifts of Pokemon Go to Parents

"Thanks Pokemon Go for giving my kids a modern version of a 1970s summer!”

Preventable: Straight Talk About Prince's Overdose

Creative lives might be saved--or at least improved--if the industry as a whole takes a few simple steps.

ADHD and the Rock Star Gene

Adam Levine,, Justin Timberlake, and Solange Knowles have spoken publicly about their ADHD. Can ADHD be a gift?

Han Solo has ADHD

Han is the epitome of the signature approach of ADHD “Fire! Ready! Aim!”

Top 10 Tips for Loving ADD Women

There is a whole art and science to using persuasion rather than directives. The key is to shift to the person’s own motivation for what you are asking.

Be an ADHD World Changer

You can use feelings of shame or of being different to help you discover where your creative contributions lie.

Bounce Back From ADHD

People with ADHD may fail more than inhibited people because inhibition is in the service of avoiding failure

Rocket Science for Space Cadets

If you take your "unrealistic" ideas and remind yourself the stakes are high for following through and focus on completion, you can make your own reality. Stop shooting yourself in the foot by pretending the stakes are not high.

Finding Clarity When You Feel Stuck

Think of your question and instead of straining toward an answer take a deep breath and say to yourself, “I don’t know.”

Dos and Don’ts in Your Friendship With ADD Adults

The challenge of being friends with someone who is diagnosed with ADHD is that if you take his or her behavior personally, the relationship may be hard to sustain. What looks stand-offish can be distraction. An ADD adult impulsively makes commitments he may have trouble keeping.
Creative Pairs: Genius Is the Other

Creative Pairs: Genius Is the Other

It is easy to imagine that Josh’s book will launch the next big thing, the search for a creative partner, even a website where members can select potential partners…

Take One Minute a Day to Motivate Your Child

Our real goal is to have our children develop ambition that comes from inside.

One Minute Read: Try This Experiment to Turn Your Kid Around

You will be astonished at the turn around you see in your kids from this one change of limiting disapproval, hostility and finding fault with your child.
When New Year’s Resolutions Go Bad

When New Year’s Resolutions Go Bad

How not to use your New Year’s Resolution as a way to criticize yourself.
Genius, Unrecognized

Genius, Unrecognized

Many people are stopped in pursing their sweet spot by thinking, “How can I take myself seriously if I don’t have any awards or the right degree?” Sometimes it is this one thought that stands between you and the life of your dreams.

Why The World Needs ADD Adults in the Workplace

A person with ADD may be more interested in shaping his environment than being shaped by it.

The 5 Gifts of ADHD in the Workplace

You can be super successful even if you don't want to be an accountant or a lawyer.

The Gift of ADHD Controversy

The "Gift of ADHD" is an intervention; by finding and focusing on gifts, people change in positive noticeable ways. They feel better because of improved confidence and motivation.

Screen Time Recommendations Are Not Easy to Do

You may not feel like listening to your teenager whine when you take away his cell phone and laptop at 9:00 pm. But screen time disrupts sleep.

Sweet Spot Therapy

Playing in the field of your Sweet Spot will put you in your jet stream and energize every other area of life.

The Imaginative Gifts of ADHD: How Fantasy Creates Reality

A few milliseconds of encouragement created a dream that became a reality. How a teacher planted a seed by calling me "Doctor."

ADHD Diagnoses: Through the Looking Glass

The key point of diagnosis is to rule out alternative explanations and to determine that a “clinically significant impairment in functioning” exists.

Don't Eat at the Gas Station Quick Mart

Some people get a vague idea of what they want and they go after it in the easiest, most convenient way possible. What if you got really precise about what you wanted and took the time to create a plan to go after it?

Program Your GPS: Where Do I Find My Sweet Spot?

Your Sweet Spot is where your passion meets your purpose. It’s the thing that you love to do that comes easy to you. It’s where your biggest gifts are. Sometimes our biggest gifts are those things that come as easy to us as falling off a log.

Find Your Gifts: Command Your Future

Pushing against your jet stream – described by your unique gifts and acquired talents – takes its toll on your energy, productivity, health, and relationships

Your Electrifying Creative Destiny

Following your passion and your purpose may be risky but not following it is brutal to your soul.
Top Five Instant Motivation Boosters

Top Five Instant Motivation Boosters

It's too easy to doubt yourself. You can choose to receive love and define yourself by those experiences in which you were cared for and appreciated.
Knowing Awe Is Better Than Knowing It All

Knowing Awe Is Better Than Knowing It All

Living a life with the purpose of outsmarting others is not really that smart. You are selling yourself short if you believe that your purpose is only to be better than others.
Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Most of us understand that in deciding to stay in a relationship, the most important thing to consider is going to be the Core Essence of a person. The problem is that it can be really hard to figure out what is the Core Essence of a person and what is the Superficial Side and what is the Daily Dose.
Life Is Messy with an ADD Partner

Life Is Messy with an ADD Partner

Translate symptoms into needs to save your relationship