A Message to Clinton, Trump and Sanders

We need high goals. We need lofty aims that give us hope, lofty things we can set out to achieve. A nation that looks up goes up. A nation that looks down.

ObamaScare--Why Republican Health Care Will Break the Bank

John Boehner and Ted Cruz are battling to impose a form of health care that can kill you. How do we know? Repubican health care has a track record.

Romney's Secret Language

Mitt Romney has two secret advantages--his height. And his body language.

Why the World Will End in 2012

Why is the vision of apocalypse so compelling? Why does it work as a hook for the human spirit over and over again?

Giving America a Vision Implant—Crayfish, Neurochemicals and the Future of Your Civilization

Is American civilization--your civilization--over and out, a has-been?  Or can it soar beyond belief?  Here's a clue from the showdowns of crayfish, lizards, and puppies.