Social Media’s Dark Side Tainted Our Democratic Institutions

Here's how to fix it. By Robert Quigley and Angeline Close Scheinbaum

Older Adults and Suicide

It’s time we do more to address the underlying causes.

Reconnecting With Nature

All nations must work together to sustain our planet. By Juan Miró, Ph.D., and Fernando Lara, Ph.D.

Latino Lives

Who will care for us when we get old? By Jacqueline Angel, Ph.D.

Teaching Kids About 9/11

Tweaking how we teach kids about that September day. By Michael B. Stoff, Ph.D.

Honest, Hard Work

Celebrating the miracle of honest labor. By John Doggett, J.D.

Your Neighborhood Grocery Store Is Changing

Unseen challenges for your corner grocery store. By Junfeng Jiao, Ph.D.

Art, Not Hate, Has Many Sides

Exploring friction without threat. By Lise Ragbir

National Security Act of 1947 Has Bipartisan Roots

We need bipartisanship today, and every day. By J. Paul Pope

The Dash to Become Green

What does "100 percent renewable" really mean? By David Spence, Ph.D.

The Courage of Immigrants

The true role of immigrants in our country. By Gregory L. Fenves, Ph.D.

On This Father’s Day

We need to take a hard look at child support policies. By Robert Crosnoe, Ph.D.

Will the Real Black Dad Please Show Up?

Reflecting on the reality of black fatherhood. By Louis Harrison, Ph.D.
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Healthy Children’s Meals Should Be a National Priority

Providing healthy meals to children is a critical issue, not a partisan issue. By Steven Abrams, M.D.

What Babies and Kids Should and Should Not Drink

The lack of nutritional value of fruit juice or beverages during a baby's first year. Steven Abrams, M.D.

How Food and Energy Led to Polarization in America

Explanations for this polarization revolve around one thing: Energy consumption. By Carey W. King, Ph.D.

On This Memorial Day

Reflecting on sending soldiers into harm’s way.

This Earth Day

When science and politics collide. By Tim Beach, Ph.D.

We Can Lead the Way to a Nuclear Renaissance

Reinventing nuclear power to be clean, safe, reliable. By Robert Hebner, Ph.D.

Parent Shaming Stunts Are a Short-Term Solution

And not a long-term fix for a child's bad behavior. By Esther Calzada, Ph.D.

Hurray for the NASA Budget

Yet other science funding may just wither. By J. Craig Wheeler.

The Continuing Importance of Jackie Robinson

The 70th anniversary of Robinson’s debut. Where we are now. By Michael Cramer.

Shared Responsibility to Communicate Medical Costs

How much will that procedure cost? By Christopher Moriates, M.D.

The Charter vs. Public School Fight

We all lose when we pit one against the other. By Cynthia Franklin, Ph.D.

Think You Know the Story on Black Males? Think Again

Historical truths that give voice to black males. By Anthony L. Brown, Ph.D.

Super Bowl Ads Wade into Politics

Why would companies take a stand? By Julie Irwin, Ph.D.

The Anxiety of Globalization

And leveraging human capital. By Moris Simson.

Overcoming Women’s Hurdles in Science

We need to keep more women, as well as people of color, engaged with science. By Shelley Payne, Ph.D.

Health Services: The Transition from Child to Adult

How to improve the transition. By Deborah Cohen, Ph.D.

Martin Luther King: What Do You Think of Our Nation Today?

If he were alive today, MLK might be taken aback. By Kevin Cokley, Ph.D.