When a friend is unreliable

Some people are nice to be around -- but unreliable and hard to corral into getting together.

Do Only Children Have More Problems Making Friends? An Interview with PT Blogger Susan Newman

When I learned that my colleague, psychologist Dr. Susan Newman had just written a new book entitled, "The Case for the Only Child," I prevailed upon Susan to share what she had found out in reviewing the research on only children.

How do I handle a messy friend breakup?

A few months ago, I had a horrible falling out with my closest friend of 15 years. She had been such a solid fixture in my life for so long that I'm feeling rather unmoored. It was - up to this point - a really wonderful friendship.

A Friendship that Is Too Close for Comfort?

What I noticed throughout our friendship was that (for some reason, and I believe this is my problem) I always felt as though I cared about him, liked him, and thought about him much more than he did about me. I felt like it was an unbalanced friendship; I mean, I've already told myself that I could even die for him.

Helping teens set boundaries with needy friends

My 15-year-old daughter is in a tricky situation. Her friend has just lost her dad, but my daughter is feeling overwhelmed by this friend's neediness. The problem is that my daughter felt somewhat suffocated by this friendship before the loss!

Depression, loneliness and friendship

Sometimes I get tired of it all and figure I just don't want to be here anymore if it means being lonely and in pain but that I have to keep fighting. I have fought so hard and for so long Irene for a better future but my health always seems to set me back.

Five Signs a Friendship Is Headed South

In my survey of more than 1500 women for my book, Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend, respondents repeatedly mentioned the same subtle (or not too subtle) signs that suggest a friendship may be in trouble. These include:

Trouble Making Close Friends?

I have only had one (true) female friend in my life. She has been my childhood friend since I was ten and we've been friends ever since. I grew up in Lebanon and then moved to the US to attend college there.

How to set boundaries with an oddball co-worker

My intuition is telling me to stay away and keep my distance. I want to know what is the best way to handle a person like that. I hate feeling like this in my office.

An interview with Dr. Andrea Bonior, author of The Friendship Fix

I'm always excited when a new book about friendship surfaces and was happy to have the chance to interview fellow PT blogger, Dr. Andrea Bonior about her recently released book, The Friendship Fix.

A teen asks: Why are friendships so fleeting?

My friend and I have been best friends for about three years. This past year we went into high school and we are making new friends and changing which may have strained our relationship.

Why would someone have NO friends?

I am an only child and sometimes just feel very alone. Other times I feel okay with having no friends. But all in all, I wish it were different. Do you have any advice for me?

Slippery slope: How do I downgrade a relationship with a best friend?

What I do want, though, is to distance myself from her and be friends but no longer best friends. How can I make that transition out of best friend status with minimum damage?

Bridesmaids, the Movie: Overpromise left me feeling flat

The movie critics raved about Bridesmaids, describing it as a watershed moment for the portrayal of female friendships on the big screen.

Is this friendship worth “the talk”?

A couple years ago in my second year of university I was living in a flat with three other people. I quickly became very close friends with one of the girls, who was in her mid/late 20s. I considered her to be one of my best friends

Self-centered friends: Better in small doses

I've been having issues with a friend for quite some time now but really don't know how to handle it anymore.

Great Friendship Stories: The Doria-Dentes from Brooklyn

Margaret Doria and Anita Dente have taught at the same two Catholic high schools in Brooklyn, at the same time, for 45 years. At first blush, they seem like the proverbial "odd couple"---an Oscar and Felix with different styles and views of the world.

Talking to Judy Gruen: About Friendship & Laughter

One gauge of a healthy friendship is the ability to share gut-wrenching laughter. Jokes between best friends come effortlessly---and even in situations that appear dire, close friends are able to find a touch of levity that diffuses stress and leaves both of them feeling better.

Can a mentor be a friend? Sometimes---but not always

When I was her student she invited me to her house to help me study. I thought it was kind of odd and crossing boundaries but I needed help in the class so I went. The way she had looked at me deeply in the eyes and asked me if I wanted help gave me some sort of "vibe".

Kickin' It Up a Notch: Julia Child's Recipe for Best Friends

Like many close friendships, the one between Julia Child and Avis DeVoto was borne of serendipity. These two women met across the miles (in an era long before Facebook or LinkedIn) yet formed an instant bond-curiously, over a sharp carbon steel knife.

Balancing Act: Family, Friends, and Holiday Invitations

My husband and I have been close friends with another family for three to four years and we feel hurt by recent events. Short background: Both families have kids the same age; kids are friends; kids are in the same school; we're neighbors and members of the same religious community.

Guest Post - Whom can you turn to for help with friendship woes?

When friendships go awry and you want help in improving your relationships with friends, it's important to understand your options.

When someone has an emotional problem: Does that change the rules of friendship?

How do you deal with a friendship that has become toxic, either due to depression, borderline disorder, or both?

Managing relationships with 'friend-in-laws'

I have a friend who I have been close to for 11 years. About eight years ago, I met her husband's brother and fell in love. We are now married. At first this seemed great, my best friend was becoming my sister-in-law!

Friends: From almost-sisters to almost-strangers

My best friend of 18 years always called me "the sister she never had". We live in the same city and used to talk on the phone at least 5 to 10 times a day and got together frequently.

Surprise! She's Back...

I was introduced to my husband by my good friend. She was dating his best friend at the time. She and her boyfriend broke up, but we continued to be friends until I stopped hearing from her. She has always been bad about keeping in touch but specifically told me that she appreciated that I continued to make the effort because she valued my friendship.

Legacy friends: Deciding whether they're keepers

My best friend from college (who later was my maid of honor) and I had a fall out three years ago. After 13 years of friendship, she completely shut down and stopped speaking to me. My moving out of state, her moving to another state, my having a baby, and her career taking off all converged into a perfect storm triggering the split.

Can't we all play nicely? Not always

I've put myself in a very complicated situation. My best friend dated a man for several years that I did not approve of. It took me a long time to accept and tolerate him. Eventually they broke up but not before he wedged himself into our group of friends.

Apologies pave the way for second chances

My best friend Lila started hanging out with this other girl Jenny. At first the three of us were friends. Then Jenny offered to take Lila on a cruise. The next month, the two of them were always together, talking about me and spreading rumors behind my back.

Secrets: Should you tell your friend her husband's been unfaithful?

I've been burdened with the knowledge that the husband of one of my closest friends was unfaithful to her. They have two very young children (one 3 years old and the other 6 months). I am certain that she is not aware of the incident. And I have known about it for several months, debating on what I should do about it.