Feels Like My Friends Are Dropping Like Flies

Over the last few months, my best friend, whom I'll call "L," has grown close to another of my friends, "S." They have done several things together without including me.

Getting Over the Demise of an Online Friendship

Long story short: My best online friend and I broke up. Actually, it was me who broke up with her over something she had done (something that involved lying to me and not caring about my feelings in general). The thing is I feel like I was the one who was dumped.

Middle School Lunchroom Redux at Age 60: What's a Girl to Do?

I am 60 years old but am still sensitive about my friends not including me in things. For example, I went to a concert with two of them; I was the driver. While we were together, they talked about trips they were going on together that didn't include me.

Mind-Reading: When A Friend Doesn't Tell You What's She's Thinking

I've been struggling about what to do about my friend Jennifer, whom I've known for 14 years. She really took me aback with a letter she wrote me almost a year ago. It included everything I had done that had upset her, all the way back to 2005, when she was my maid of honor.

Friendship by the Book: An Interview With the Author of Perfect on Paper

This breezy new novel, Perfect on Paper by Janet Goss (Penguin New American Libary,2012) keeps the reader guessing about artist Dana Mayo's love life until the end. The book also holds some friendship lessons so I interviewed the author, Janet Goss.

Friendship: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

I became really close friends with this girl that works in my local community center. We were best friends, always had banter, gossip, and helped each other through our ups and downs. She was working there during another worker's maternity leave. But as the maternity leave came to an end, she had to get a new job.

I'm Her Friend, Not Her Mother!

My best friend and I have been buddies for nearly twelve years, having met during our freshman year of high school. We're now in our mid-twenties. I can't help but feel like she never quite grew up.

It's Tough to Let Go of Childhood Friends

I'm 26 years old and have known my best friend since kindergarten. She's always been hot and cold—one day we're friends, the next day we aren't. Last year she was going through a tough time. She accused me of not being there for her.

New Love: How Do I Tell My Child and My Ex? (By Mark Banschick, M.D.)

My ex and I split three years ago after four years together. We have one daughter. Since the breakup, we've managed to become good friends, and that's important to me.

9 Practical Tips If You're Home Alone

I am 63. My husband brought me here many years ago. It is rural and here, family is everything—which is nice—but I have none. My life from the beginning was similar to a child in an orphanage. I was cared for by someone, I guess, but never had any modeling for family. There was no love, no touching, no hugging and no intimacy.

My Best Friend Is Pulling Away From Me

Dear Irene, I'm a junior in high school who has never been the most popular person. I'm generally the weird girl who eats lunch alone reading a book. However, over the past couple of years, I've made a few incredible friends.

The Best Friend Fantasy

I had a boyfriend for two months that I became madly in love with, and thought he felt the same for me. His friends constantly said they had never seen him like this. I thought of him as someone not only important romantically, but someone that would turn into my best friend.

8 Ways to Make a Friend Feel Special on Valentine's Day

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or the Día del amor y la Amistad (Day of Love and Friendship)—as do many Latin Americans—February 14th offers a perfect opportunity to show affection for close friends, who add so much to our lives.

The Road Is Never Long Between Friends ... Or Is It?

Hi Irene, My friend and I used to be really close, however, I live at least an hour away and I can't drive. We've slowly drifted apart, she answers calls less, responds to messages less, and we talk a whole lot less.

Children of Divorce: The Kids Aren't Always Alright

My formerly popular 11-year old granddaughter is being shunned by her BFFs to the point that she doesn't want to go to school (which she formerly loved). Her parents are going through a divorce, and it's hit her the hardest.

Help! My Kid Is Being Treated Like an Outcast

My 7-year-old son has recently started coming home saying that he isn't wanted at school. He asks me: Why is it that he is not accepted amongst his peers? Is there something wrong with him? He is the only second grade and has been identified as gifted and talented.

Friendship: Timing Counts!

My friend and I became friends when his family moved into my neighborhood when we were both kids. My friend was an outcast and very different from other kids at an early age. Parents questioned his sexuality early on and not in a good way. He loved cleaning, girls' things, dressed differently, talked differently, and had feminine mannerisms.

Heartbroken: My Friend Told Me She "Needs Space"

I am struggling with a friend that said she needs "space." I realize she is in a trying time in her life. Her mother is dying of cancer and she's currently finishing up her master's degree. I am trying to give her the space she needs, but at the same time I am totally heartbroken in thinking that maybe she is pulling away from our friendship.

Friendship by the Book: Couples and Their Couple Friendships

Think it's hard to find a true friend? Multiply that complexity times two and try finding a couple with whom you and your partner can mesh pretty seamlessly.

Friendship: The Whole Truth, Nothing But the Truth – What Do You Think?

After recently spending some time away with a close friend, I realize I don't like many aspects of her personality ... I would never want to tell someone I do not want to be friends because I don't think that they are a very nice person ...

Sick of Having To Constantly Bail Out My Friend

I am a 21-year-old female, full-time college student. I have had a very good friend since all the way back to pre-school. These past few years, I have been really questioning our friendship. My friend is also 21 and recently had her third child in the last three years.

Have You Ever Been the Victim of a Pocket-Dial?

I recently listened to my cell phone messages, and unfortunately found a pocket-dialed call that recorded a conversation between two of my closest friends. We had been out together that afternoon but they were traveling home in a car separate from me.

My College Friend Suddenly Cut Off Our Friendship

While I was in college I decided to room with one of my really good friends that I had made at school. Things seemed to go great that year and I felt that we had become really close. However, near the end of that school year she suddenly left for home and refused to take my calls.

8 Sticky Friendship Situations and How to Get Out of Them

It's almost as hard to generalize about friendship problems—as it is to figure out how to solve them. Some situations may sound the same or have certain elements in common but when it comes down to the details, every friendship has a different trajectory based on a unique mix of personalities, circumstances and history.

She's Too Much: A Friend Without Boundaries

I developed a friendship with someone that started out as a physical therapist. Lately she has become extremely clingy and needy. She is constantly texting and if I don't respond quickly she immediately jumps on me asking if something is wrong.

No Social Life in High School: My Part-Time Friends

I'm a senior in high school and have no social life whatsoever. It's not that I have no friends--I have a group of people that I'm really close with in school. We're always together, talking, laughing, whatever. However, come Friday afternoon, that's it. You wouldn't know we even knew each other over the weekend.

Eight Signs a "Friend" Is a Social Climber

Here are some telltale signs of social climbers crowd-sourced by blog posters and "doctored" by me.

How Much Honesty is Integral to Friendship? A Case of More is Less

While everyone wants authentic friendships, it can be challenging to find the right balance between honesty and tact.

Book Review: The Magic Room: A Story About the Love We Wish for Our Daughters

In The Magic Room, storyteller Jeffrey Zaslow dazzles readers with a love story for every parent.

Friendship by the Book - "MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search for a New Best Friend"

You might call Rachel Bertsche a serial dater. But that doesn't quite capture her unique adventure. After relocating to Chicago, bereft of the strong network of friends, colleagues and familial supports she had in New York, the author spent 52 weeks prospecting for girlfriends in her search for a bestie.