Facebook Reminds Me of the Childhood Friends I Don't Have

If grade school wasn't the best time of your life socially, don't spend another minute lurking on the Facebook pages of people you probably wouldn't want to be friends with now.

Is it Possible to Be Friends with a Psychologist?

I've become friends with a man who happens to be a psychologist. I've tried to be careful from the start to make sure I don't "use" him like a free therapy outlet...

When a Friend Doesn't Trust You

I'm having a bit of a "fight" with me best friend. Let me first explain a bit about us. She's a year younger than I am (27) and is bipolar, with rapid and extreme swings between depression and mania.

Change Can Challenge Friendships

While I have good friendships with my male buddies, I feel deprived when it comes to female friends who can actually be my shoulder to cry on and encourage me.

Friendship, Faith & Religion

Yes, differences in faith and religion (not unlike differences in political affiliations)—or differences between believing and not believing—can often divide friends.

Regrets Over Lost Friendships

I have been friends with someone for over twenty years. She's remarried to a guy, whom I don't think likes my husband or me. We use to be invited to her Christmas party every year. NO more. Last time I was there, she made sure I was not there when he came home, and our time was limited because she was going to a party with his friends.

Guest Post: Getting Over the Feeling of Being a Stranger in Your Own Neighborhood

With a little bit of moxie, my friend and colleague, Laura E. Kelly, used technology to overcome the feelings of estrangement from neighbors that are so typical today. Laura agreed to write her story here to inspire others who want to get to know their neighbors.

On Meeting Friends Halfway

My friend is a lovely person and I really welcomed her friendship. However, over the past few months, she's become more exclusive and 'clingy.'

Was a Lie the Death Knell for this Friendship?

I'm 37 years old but when I was 18, my best friend and I met this friendly guy whom we both liked, but he liked me more. He and I kept our relationship quiet for a while but at a party, my best friend saw us together.

I've Lost All My Friends...What Do I Do Now?

About two years ago I had so many friends that it was great. I was at my last job. But then, hundreds of us got laid off/fired. Only a handful of folks kept their jobs. It was a wonderful company and I miss seeing my friends each day.

My So-Called Friend

My so-called friend deleted me on Facebook because of an accidental slip-of-the-tongue. I told her I didn't like her cousin. I thought telling the truth even though it hurts was the right thing.

The Awkwardness of Friendship After Dating

I really cared a lot about someone whom I dated. After the end of our dating relationship three years ago, I was devastated. However, I was very willing to be his friend. For the last two years, I was doing all of the hard work and effort to maintain this friendship.

Am I Asking Too Much of a Friend?

I've recently been coming to terms with some deeply buried grief, and also struggling with self-injury problems as well. My "best friend" of 19 years has hardly been there for me and only seems to come around when he needs me.

Getting Involved in Someone Else's Marriage Is Always Risky Business

I have a friend with whom I haven't really been in contact with for about nine months. My husband heard her husband say some really nasty things about her. Their marriage was already having some issues and she led us to believe that she was getting ready to leave him. So my husband thought she should know what her husband was saying behind her back.

When a Boss Pulls the Plug on a Friendship

I was recently dumped by one of my closest friends, whom I loved dearly. I am devastated, sad, hurt and disappointed. But I have an extra big problem: my ex-friend is my boss.

Should I Tell My Friend I Know About Her Past?

Today I received some rather shocking news about my new girlfriend and I am reeling! I was told that she is listed on the sex offenders website for our state.

Is It Common to Love More Than One Person?

Do you think this is a common thing? For a person to love more than one person at once? For a person to fall in love with someone the way I did and yet, still be happy with the person they are with, but to love another at the same time?

A Divorce Takes a Toll on the Relationship Between Two Sisters

My sister is two years older than me. We've had a pretty good relationship throughout the years although our teen years have really taken a toll. She moved out of the house with my mama and me, and moved in with our dad about a year ago.

Friendship by the Book: Stuff Every Mom Should Know

Stuff Every Mom Should Know (Quirk Books, 2012) by Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss is a sweet, eminently readable, gift book for the new mom with practical hints ranging from "how to sing a baby to sleep" to "how to make a grilled cheese sandwich." It also has a chapter on "How to Meet Other Moms," something often asked about on my blog.

Friendship: Nightmare on My Street

When life in a subdivision suddenly turns from cozy to creepy.

Feels Like My Friends Are Dropping Like Flies

Over the last few months, my best friend, whom I'll call "L," has grown close to another of my friends, "S." They have done several things together without including me.

Getting Over the Demise of an Online Friendship

Long story short: My best online friend and I broke up. Actually, it was me who broke up with her over something she had done (something that involved lying to me and not caring about my feelings in general). The thing is I feel like I was the one who was dumped.

Middle School Lunchroom Redux at Age 60: What's a Girl to Do?

I am 60 years old but am still sensitive about my friends not including me in things. For example, I went to a concert with two of them; I was the driver. While we were together, they talked about trips they were going on together that didn't include me.

Mind-Reading: When A Friend Doesn't Tell You What's She's Thinking

I've been struggling about what to do about my friend Jennifer, whom I've known for 14 years. She really took me aback with a letter she wrote me almost a year ago. It included everything I had done that had upset her, all the way back to 2005, when she was my maid of honor.

Friendship by the Book: An Interview With the Author of Perfect on Paper

This breezy new novel, Perfect on Paper by Janet Goss (Penguin New American Libary,2012) keeps the reader guessing about artist Dana Mayo's love life until the end. The book also holds some friendship lessons so I interviewed the author, Janet Goss.

Friendship: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

I became really close friends with this girl that works in my local community center. We were best friends, always had banter, gossip, and helped each other through our ups and downs. She was working there during another worker's maternity leave. But as the maternity leave came to an end, she had to get a new job.

I'm Her Friend, Not Her Mother!

My best friend and I have been buddies for nearly twelve years, having met during our freshman year of high school. We're now in our mid-twenties. I can't help but feel like she never quite grew up.

It's Tough to Let Go of Childhood Friends

I'm 26 years old and have known my best friend since kindergarten. She's always been hot and cold—one day we're friends, the next day we aren't. Last year she was going through a tough time. She accused me of not being there for her.

New Love: How Do I Tell My Child and My Ex? (By Mark Banschick, M.D.)

My ex and I split three years ago after four years together. We have one daughter. Since the breakup, we've managed to become good friends, and that's important to me.

9 Practical Tips If You're Home Alone

I am 63. My husband brought me here many years ago. It is rural and here, family is everything—which is nice—but I have none. My life from the beginning was similar to a child in an orphanage. I was cared for by someone, I guess, but never had any modeling for family. There was no love, no touching, no hugging and no intimacy.