Make Midlife Friendships: Not Always Easy

I seem to have problems sustaining friendships. I must be doing something wrong. I don’t feel that I am insecure or depressed or even needy! But after a few months my new friendships seem to just stop.

On Access: Mental Health and Guns

Access to legal and illegal guns seems easier than access to mental health treatment. This imbalance needs to be reversed.

Wanted: A Spontaneous Friend

She’s the kind of friend whom you can ask to come over right away to help you decide what to wear tonight—or the friend who’ll be sitting with you as you wait for your repeat mammography that was only scheduled this morning.

Excluded by Grown-Up Mean Girls

I have mixed with a group of 7 or 8 women in my hometown since my oldest child was at kindergarten and she is now nine. I have been closer to some more than others and fluctuations in the intimacy of these friendships have occurred, which is probably normal. Recently, however, I have felt excluded by the group.

A Different Kind of Retirement Planning

it's never too late to pursue the interests, hobbies, and friendships you didn’t have time for before.

Friendship Advice: Dumped by a Friend at Work

It’s been one-and-a-half years since my good friend and I broke up. As background, I’m 39 and she’s 45. I’m single and she’s divorced. Neither of us have kids. We had been good friends for seven years…met at work.

When a Friend Goes AWOL

"We never had any kind of disagreement that I know of, and I am not a needy friend at all. After a year of silence, she sends me an email saying she wants to keep in touch but then hasn’t."

Making Friends: Having Trouble Getting Close

I find it difficult to make friends. I've got some friends and had some in the past but when I analyze how we became friends it’s almost always either via someone else (usually a friend of my husband or brother) or because they made friends with me.

A Friend Who Nags Me About My Weight

My friend had been making jabs about my weight for months. Two years ago, I lost 40 pounds and then put it all back on.

Introduced two friends...and now I'm left out

About two years ago I became friends with a woman I met at a class. We immediately hit it off and became fast friends. It seemed like we had lots in common...

Friends Who Make You Feel Bad About Your Neck

"My friends always seem to point out my flaws. I admit that I have insecurities, but they point things out that I don't even mention."

International Day of the Girl

Do you have some friendship advice to share with young women? Please chime in.

Friendship: In Sickness and Health

I was close friends with a woman for several years. Six months ago, she abruptly ended the friendship. Prior to the end of the friendship, I was going through cancer radiation treatments...

Feeling Conflicted about Our Group of Three

I am friendly with two woman that I met at college...when the three of us are together, I often feel left out.

Fighting Loneliness in Small Steps

A reader explains how she combats feelings of loneliness through some of her interests. She challenges others...

Narcissism: Surviving the Self-Involved

I worked for two decades in healthcare, but it was through my personal journey in a few relationships that I began to learn, really learn, about narcissism...

How to End a Relationship With a Needy Friend

Women find it hard to end friendships for a variety of why.

Help! My Teenage Daughter Has Only One Friend

My heart aches for my daughter who is a senior in high school. She has suffered from insecurities since she was in elementary school.

Problems Getting Close to My Self-Centered Friend: What Can I Do?

My friend is shockingly self-centered and has tended to not care about me.

Living With a Close Friend: What Happened to Our Friendship?

I was very excited about our new living arrangement and assumed that it would only strengthen our friendship. However, living with this friend seems to have had the opposite effect.

Making Friends: Having Trouble Getting Close

I am a 27-year-old woman and find myself lacking the close friendships I long for...When I get to a certain level of closeness with new friends, I don't have the skills to carry on.

Money, Trust, and Friendship

I told my friend I was buying an expensive item I had always wanted. Since I had saved for this item, it wasn't going to be a problem for me. She then said she needed one, too, and that she would pay me back..

The Worst Part of a Breakup: Not Knowing What Went Wrong

I'm finding it difficult to let go of an ex-friend. We went to school together and, by pure luck, ended up working in the same company. Things were awesome at first.

How An Extramarital Affair Can Unravel Female Friendships

About six months ago, my BFF of 10 years, Penny, confided that she was having an affair with our mutual close friend, Amy's, husband. Our families are all friends and her burdening me with this information was extremely difficult for me.

Facebook Reminds Me of the Childhood Friends I Don't Have

If grade school wasn't the best time of your life socially, don't spend another minute lurking on the Facebook pages of people you probably wouldn't want to be friends with now.

Is it Possible to Be Friends with a Psychologist?

I've become friends with a man who happens to be a psychologist. I've tried to be careful from the start to make sure I don't "use" him like a free therapy outlet...

When a Friend Doesn't Trust You

I'm having a bit of a "fight" with me best friend. Let me first explain a bit about us. She's a year younger than I am (27) and is bipolar, with rapid and extreme swings between depression and mania.

Change Can Challenge Friendships

While I have good friendships with my male buddies, I feel deprived when it comes to female friends who can actually be my shoulder to cry on and encourage me.

Friendship, Faith & Religion

Yes, differences in faith and religion (not unlike differences in political affiliations)—or differences between believing and not believing—can often divide friends.

Regrets Over Lost Friendships

I have been friends with someone for over twenty years. She's remarried to a guy, whom I don't think likes my husband or me. We use to be invited to her Christmas party every year. NO more. Last time I was there, she made sure I was not there when he came home, and our time was limited because she was going to a party with his friends.