Making friends after the age of 65: What are the options?

At age 66, I lost a very close friend (45-year friendship) when she moved out of state. We talk on the phone once a week, but that isn't the same. I am happily married, but I need a good female friend. I do have other friends, but I feel the need for more. I still work, am tall, slim, dress well, attractive and "well preserved", but I find that making new friends at this age very, very difficult.

Can a friend who is ‘green with envy’ really be a friend?

I hate this about myself. I am a spiritual, introspective person. But when this envy problem flares up, I feel like a very mean child.

New Girl on the Block: Amanda Blain

Girlfriend Social provides new opportunities for women to forge real friendships online.

Friendship by the Book: Pieces of Happily Ever After

Although it's sometimes hard to accept, life never evolves like a fairy tale. Journalist and author Irene Zutell's latest novel, "Pieces of Happily Ever After" (St. Martin's Griffin, 2009), sensitively captures the inevitable struggles that women encounter along the way, including: infidelity, divorce, balancing care for children and parents, juggling work and family, growing up, achieving independence, losing friends and making them.

Disappearing Acts: When friends are gone after a diagnosis of bipolar disorder

Dear Dr. Levine,I am reeling from the awareness that certain friends who meant a great deal to me have abruptly turned their back on me now that I have revealed and declared my struggle with mental illness.

Betrayed by the Office Gossip Girl

I took a new job and became friendly with a woman named Gina. She told me about her past mistakes and seemed very consumed with guilt over them. In the spirit of sympathy, I told Gina that what was done so long ago should be forgiven and spilled my own secrets...

When a new romance leaves no room for friends

I've known Pete since third grade and I've always felt close to him, as though I could trust him with my life. But our friendship doesn't seem to be the same way for him although he used to say it was.