Friendship: Missing The Way Things Were

A young woman from Sweden laments missing old friends from whom she’s drifted apart.

What Can You Do When a Friendship Abruptly Ends?

When a friendship abruptly ends, it can leave you reeling—wondering what happened, what you might have done differently.

When You Lose Friends After a Divorce

Divorce, like other life transitions, can topple relationships.

My Child Was Left Out of the Party

A mom is upset because her daughter is inconsolable about not being invited to a party with her teammates.

On Friendship Day–2014

Sunday August 3, 2014 is Friendship Day. Maybe there is something actionable you can do before the end of the day.

Losing a Job and Losing Your Friends

When someone loses a job, it can make co-workers feel squeamish, even the ones who were your friends.

How Do I Handle a Pushy Friend?

Granted it isn’t easy to make a pushy friend less pushy—and it’s worse when that person is a relative whom you can’t risk alienating.

Friendship: When No Response is a Response

When a friend unceremoniously dumps you without explanation and offers no response, there isn’t much you can do. Friendships are voluntary relationships.

Where Can My Depressed Friend Get Help?

I have a friend (for the past 20 years) who is extremely negative and depressed, impossible to deal with, irrational and who is completely draining me. Any and all suggestions I give to better her situation are repeatedly dismissed.

How to Say NO to a Favor

Another mother keeps expecting me to drive her daughter to gymnastics every day. It's one hour out of my way. Please help me say NO!

How Should a Friend Respond to Bad News?

Recently, my husband and I received some bad news. This was something my "friends" knew about, and had asked me to keep them posted on. Yet, when I emailed these four friends separately about the bad news, two responded and two have not.

My Friend is Draining Me!

My BFF and I have been friends since high school (I am now 26). For most of these years we have been as tight and as happy as you could imagine. However, I feel she has been relying on me too heavily for emotional support and empathy while ignoring any issues I may be going through.

Dealing with a Depressed Friend When You're Depressed

A reader feels like her depressed friend is weighing her down and she can no longer hack it.

On Saying "No" To Save A Friendship

Saying no to friends is never easy but may be necessary to save a friendship.

What Do You Do When a Friend Doesn't Respond?

A reader writes: There's a guy I kind of like and there are some signs he likes me, too. But when I ask him questions by email, or ask if he's available to go out he says he's busy or doesn't respond.

Babies, Pets and Facebook Friends

The etiquette of responding to Facebook friends is murky and can inadvertently causes rifts and misunderstandings, even between good friends.

Losing Friends After Being Sick

It’s hard to get back to life and reconnect with social supports after any kind of serious illness, particularly for young people.

How to Gently Let Go of A Toxic Friend

It's awkward to end a friendship. Here a some practical tips for letting go.

Logged on to My Friend's Facebook Page

My friendship is almost ruined and you’re the only one I could ask for help. I have my friend’s Facebook password so I was curious last night and logged in on her page (my mistake). I read a conversation with another of my friends.

Ex-Pats: Can't We All Be Friends?

About 12 months ago my fiancé and I moved from the UK to the USA. A couple we knew had previously done the same thing 12 months earlier, and so when we moved I struck up a friendship with the woman...I thought we were starting to build a friendship.

The Bad Friend

Finding ways to handle the “bad friend” dilemma can be challenging but there are more options when your children are young.

Best Friends: Should You Tell or Keep It to Yourself?

The answer to whether or not you should tell your best friend she's your girl crush depends on WHY you want to tell her.

My Sister Was My Best Friend

My sister and I used to be best friends. We had a tough time growing up. Our mother was (and still is) difficult so we supported each other a lot. As adults we remained close until recently.

Friendship Struggles of Teens with Learning Disabilities

It is not uncommon for teens with learning disabilities to have problems making and keeping friends. Of course, the nature of these problems varies widely depending on the individuals and their disabilities.

Surviving Menopause: Not Yours, Your Grumpy Friend’s

Many of my friends and family members are going through menopause/perimenopause right now, and I find myself surrounded by a lot of grumpy women.

Getting Over Getting Dumped

I have been part of a group of friends since we were at University. We were housemates and had nothing in common: not life style, not personality, not taste in anything. Yet we were a solid group of friends.

How to Keep an Online Friendship Online

I am often caught off guard by the recurring incidence of online "friends" (emailing, blogging, and/or Facebook) who want to take the friendship to the "face to face" level. The Internet has destroyed some important boundaries.

When Friends Treat Us Too Much Like Family

I go to dinner with the same group of women for different reasons: birthdays, gourmet dinners, etc. A friend in the group, whom I talk with in a friendly way on the phone, always ignores me when we are out as a group.

An Interview with Carlin Flora, Author of Friendfluence

Carlin Flora's new book makes a seminal contribution to the literature on's also a great read.

The Angry Widow: How Can Her Friend Deal With Her?

I have a friend who lost her husband about a year ago. She has also lost most of her friends through her hostile behavior.