The Panama Papers: Investigative Reporting at Its Best

Corporate media is ratings driven, which conflicts with the ambitions of high quality journalism. The recent Panama Papers spotlights the significance of investigative reporting.

The 30-Day (Facebook) Diet

What are the perils of being constantly connected in a digital culture? Can we take a step back as consumers and decide to digitally unplug?

Revisiting the Placebo Effect

What do placebo effects reveal about the mind-body connection? Do our bodies have the capacity to self-heal?

America the Anxious

What about American culture is making you anxious? How can you become empowered to combat the anxiety and be less on edge?

You Can Still Be a Feminist and Not Vote for Hillary

Feminists are calling on young democratic women supporting Sanders to pledge their allegiance to Clinton. Are feminists pushing too hard on this issue?

5 Reasons to do Yoga Right Now

What are the benefits of a regular yoga practice? Read the top five reasons to consider adding or maintaining this mindfulness-based practice to improve health and wellness.

New Year, New You

How can resolutions for the new year be achieved? Is less more in the case of cultivating better lifestyle choices?

Why are so Many Rape Allegations being Ignored?

Did NFL quarterback Jameis Winston get a free pass to sexually assault a student during his tenure at FSU just because he was a star on the football field?

Rethinking John B. Watson's Legacy

Should Watson be taught to students as a cautionary tale? In tracing his research, it becomes clear that in addition to ethically questionable studies, Watson was promoting problematic and dangerous assertions regarding child rearing without legitimate support for any of his claims.

Are There Any Feminists in Hollywood?

Are they any real feminists among celebrities? What are the issues regarding gender inequality that continue to persist as reflected in Hollywood? Will the real feminist celebrities please stand up?

How U.S. Education System is failing our Youth

What can we learn from the latest incident of brutality against a black student in South Carolina? What larger risks are our youth being subjected to within the U.S. educational system?

Top 5 Lifestyle Changes to Lower Cancer Risk

What lifestyle modifications should you consider to start living a healthier life right now?

Applying Mindfulness Techniques to Quit Smoking

How can mindfulness practices be applied to cessation of smoking? Research suggests a significant reduction in cravings by using the Crave to Quit program (download the app).

Is Technology Ruining Romance?

Forget those handwritten letters or poems written to you by lovers.

Pet Ownership and Mental Health

Does the research on pet ownership validate the notion of man's best friend?

Men, Women & Children (& Technology)

In what ways is the digital world changing what it means to be human? This question, and many other provocative ones, are raised by Reitman's new film, Men, Women & Children

Walk in Nature: Good for Brain, Good for Spirit

How can exposure to nature enrich our brain and mental health?

Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment

A review of the Stanford Prison Experiment, out in wide release this weekend. Does the film bring anything new to Zimbardo's infamous study?

What Does 'Girl Power' Really Mean?

In what ways is street harassment against women a larger indicator of rape culture in America?

Is the Rachel Dolezal Controversy Much Ado About Nothing?

In lieu of the Dolezal controversy, can we have an informative dialogue about racial identity in America?

New York: The Gilded City

Are we in another gilded age, with a widening gap between the rich and the poor? How does New York City in particular represent this new age?

Give Me a Break!

Why aren't more Americans taking their vacations? What benefits can come from vacationing more frequently for American workers?

Perchance to Dream (or Perhaps Just Sleep)

Quality of sleep can be improved in the following ways.

Why the Bruce Jenner Interview Matters

How will the transgender movement for rights be impacted by the Bruce Jenner interview?

5 Reasons to Go Meat Free Right Now!

In what ways can your mind, body, and spirit benefit from going meatless?

Wage Gap Continues to Widen

Is the American Dream still attainable in this country, or is the system rigged against the majority of workers today in America?

The Politics of Food

In what ways do food and politics collide?

How to Integrate Mindfulness Practices into the Classroom

How may college students benefit if mindfulness practices are introduced into their classes?

Why Education still (and always) Matters

What role should education be playing in American culture today?

Oscars Dipped in White

As one of the largest U.S. exports, the influence of the film industry far surpasses the whitewashed walls of Hollywood awards season. What does the lack of diversity in the 2015 Oscar race say about the state of the union today?