Is Technology Ruining Romance?

Forget those handwritten letters or poems written to you by lovers.

Pet Ownership and Mental Health

Does the research on pet ownership validate the notion of man's best friend?

Men, Women & Children (& Technology)

In what ways is the digital world changing what it means to be human? This question, and many other provocative ones, are raised by Reitman's new film, Men, Women & Children

Walk in Nature: Good for Brain, Good for Spirit

How can exposure to nature enrich our brain and mental health?

Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment

A review of the Stanford Prison Experiment, out in wide release this weekend. Does the film bring anything new to Zimbardo's infamous study?

What Does 'Girl Power' Really Mean?

In what ways is street harassment against women a larger indicator of rape culture in America?

Is the Rachel Dolezal Controversy Much Ado About Nothing?

In lieu of the Dolezal controversy, can we have an informative dialogue about racial identity in America?

New York: The Gilded City

Are we in another gilded age, with a widening gap between the rich and the poor? How does New York City in particular represent this new age?

Give Me a Break!

Why aren't more Americans taking their vacations? What benefits can come from vacationing more frequently for American workers?

Perchance to Dream (or Perhaps Just Sleep)

Quality of sleep can be improved in the following ways.

Why the Bruce Jenner Interview Matters

How will the transgender movement for rights be impacted by the Bruce Jenner interview?

5 Reasons to Go Meat Free Right Now!

In what ways can your mind, body, and spirit benefit from going meatless?

Wage Gap Continues to Widen

Is the American Dream still attainable in this country, or is the system rigged against the majority of workers today in America?

The Politics of Food

In what ways do food and politics collide?

How to Integrate Mindfulness Practices into the Classroom

How may college students benefit if mindfulness practices are introduced into their classes?

Why Education still (and always) Matters

What role should education be playing in American culture today?

Oscars Dipped in White

As one of the largest U.S. exports, the influence of the film industry far surpasses the whitewashed walls of Hollywood awards season. What does the lack of diversity in the 2015 Oscar race say about the state of the union today?

The Other 'F' Word: The Feminist Backlash

Feminism doesn't have to be a bad word. Here is why I use the term feminist to describe myself, and you can, too.

What Bill Cosby's Crimes can Teach us About Sexual Predators

Why are so many accusers coming forward at the same time against Bill Cosby? Could it be that a path is finally clear for victims of sexual assault to be heard and for their stories to empower others to do the same?

Mad as Hell: Documentary Must See

What can be learned from Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks?

U.S. Education: The Bad, Part II

Systemic racism continues to persist in educational institutions, to the detriment of minorities, and black Americans in particular.

Men, Women & Children (& Technology)

In what ways is the digital world changing what it means to be human? This question, and many other provocative ones, are raised by Reitman's new film, Men, Women & Children

Death Becomes Her: Social Media Ettiquette

Is social media the proper medium to facilitate the process of mourning? Is there an explicit social norm regarding how to discuss death and loss on social media?

What Happens When There Is No Video?

The recently leaked footage of a violent altercation between NFL player Ray Rice and his then-fiance once again puts the NFL on a collision course with criminal behavior, and violence against women, in particular. What values do male-dominated sports institutions convey, and in what ways does this most recent incident betray the true values of the NFL?

Education in the U.S.: The Good (Part I)

Part I of a three-part series on education in America. How does this country rate internationally, what are we doing well, what needs improvement, and what aspects of our system is just downright ugly?

Is Our Diet Sexist?

In what ways do constructions of masculinity and femininity impact the food choices we make?

The State of Cancer Research Across the Globe

What is the mortality rate for cancer worldwide, and what roles do lifestyle, behavior, and geography play regarding the state of cancer today?

Is There Such a Thing as Too Politically Correct?

What are the consequences of a politically correct culture when superficialities distract from deeper and more meaningful dialogue?

The Beauty Myth in the 21st Century

When will the vicious cycle of the relentless pursuit of physical perfection be broken for women?

The Company U.S. Keeps: Case of Death Penalty

The recent botched execution in Oklahoma brings back a spotlight to the death penalty in the U.S. and whether or not it constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.