We all want to have sharp minds as we get older and optimistic, stable moods in the present. But the Modern American Diet (MAD) actually shrinks the human brain in the key areas where memories are formed and moods created. It is time for a revolution! A perfect solution to the woes of the Modern American Diet (MAD)?! Yes—it’s a Musselution. Maybe this word silliness is my brain buzzing with all the amazing brain essential nutrients found in bivalves, but mussels are a serious brain food and the brain food of the Month for May at my website.

It seems that the great food author and cook Martha Rose Shulman is on board with the Musselution. After posting the details on why mussels are one of mother nature’s most potent multivitamins last night, I found these great mussel recipes she has been posting daily at the New York Times!

Spicy Spanish Mussels

Mussel Pizza

I’m trying her Curry Laced Moules a la Mariniere tonight!

 Create a revolution in your brain nutrition and revolt against the MADness… with mussels.

About the Author

Drew Ramsey M.D.

Drew Ramsey, M.D., is an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University and author of The Happiness Diet.

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